How to get a fixed phone line


Getting a phone line installed is quick and straightforward in Malta with GO and Melita being the most popular choices, since they have a variety of affordable options available.

Both GO and Melita offer a number of different fixed phone line options, from prepaid to postpaid plans, and bundle deals. GO used to be the primary provider but over the last few years Melita has greatly increased its market share, making it a serious competitor to GO. Both offer cheap packages with affordable international call rates.

How to get a phone line in Malta

To get a fixed line installed you will need to visit your chosen operators store. To be eligible to have a line installed you must:

  • be 18 years old or over
  • have an e-Residence card
  • be the owner of the property or have the landlord's permission
  • have the installation documents signed

Once you have set up your account with your chosen provider, the installation shouldn’t take more than a few days, meaning you won’t be out of contact for long.

If you have any issues or questions both sites have helpline where you can speak to a customer service assistance directly.

Cost of fixed phone line and payment

Line rental in Malta costs between 5.99€ and 10.99€ monthly depending on your provider and package. There is also a one-off installation charge of 19.99€ with Melita and 54.97€ with GO, however in some cases the charge is waived if you have purchased a bundle package.

The average rate per minute for calling other fixed lines is 0.01€ however this can vary depending on the network the person you are calling is using. Calls to mobiles are the most expensive at 0.19€ a minute, however international calls are not unreasonable, costing on average 0.10€ per minute.

There are two payment options for fixed lines, the first is postpaid which is standard system of paying for what you have used at the end of each  month. The other option is prepaid, which are usually  cards which you use when making calls. The advantage of the prepaid option is that you can control how much you spend on calls. You can also make calls from other people’s phone lines without any problem. The latter option is however beginning to go out of fashion with the increased popularity of bundle deals.

You can pay your phone bill by direct debit, internet bank transfer, over the counter in stores and from MaltaPay Kiosks.

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