Mexican girls are very sexy!

  • I think mexican girls are super sexy, I've been in guadalajara, monterrey, michoacan and chihuahua and trust meee girls are soo sexy and they're such a random mix, you can find redhaired girls, brunettes (most girls are like that) and blonds. . . they are also very sweet!!

    I looove mexican girls, they are the best! Latinaas

    In Germany girls r pretty too but not so sexy and cute!

    25 Jun 2009, 07:31 Karl:)
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  • They are charming!

    Mexican girls are charming, maybe not so sexy. . . except when they dance haha they're really good dancers!

    mxmx 25 Jun 2009, 07:36 - Report
  • Le Mexique!

    Ohh j'adore ces filles toujours gentilles et agréables. . . jkiffe ma ptite copine mexicaine elle est très sexy et belle elle est un ange pour moi!

    =-=-= 25 Jun 2009, 07:43 - Report
  • not really

    Mexican girls are nice, helpful, likeable, afectionate, but ....... definitely not sexy! blunk

    mexx 27 Jun 2009, 11:30 - Report
  • Well not sooo sexy. . .

    I've seen pretty girls in mexico, they are also kind and fun to be with. . . but to me they're more. . . mmm cute and nice

    But you can find some exceptions too!! But most of the girls in mexico are just nice. . .

    Tim 03 Jul 2009, 09:50 - Report
  • I'm a mexican girl!!

    These kind of topics are so silly hahaha but at the end kind of fun too. . .

    Well as a mexican girl I must say that I'm sexy hihihi happy

    But you're right, I think we are more helpful, and friendly than sexy, and I think it is because we are still kind of conservatives. . .

    DiAnIsS 03 Jul 2009, 09:55 - Report
  • Mexican Girls are Very Sexy

    I been with every nationality of female on the planet except for Japanese women, my loss. Mexican chicks are sweet and sexy BUT they can be jealous, violent and vengeful. I do not like wrathful and belligerent chicks. Some Mexican chicks, you know the kind, the more simplistic kind without all the make-up and arrogant attitudes, now THOSE young women are sexy and I find they are a lot more well mannered.

    ANGELO MYSTERIOSO 25 Jul 2009, 03:17 - Report
  • Mexican Women are sexy and hot, and beautiful

    Most Mexican women I meet where sexy and beautiful, and smart without a question.........=d By the way bro I'm also Germanbig-smile

    Robert S. 26 Jul 2009, 09:15 - Report
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