The Mexican property market


Property prices in Mexico have risen significantly in recent years, but you can find good value for money if you do extensive research.

The first thing to bear in mind with your property search is that the Mexican property market varies greatly between each location. While some property markets like the Riviera Maya have experienced tenfold price increases within a decade, development in other (especially more remote) areas has been far more subtle. Property prices in major cities have also increased rapidly during recent years, while in smaller towns and villages property prices have stayed fairly stable.

Despite these regional differences, prices tend to increase all over Mexico in the long run and will probably continue to do so in the future, offering a sound investment opportunity if you know what you are doing.

The ongoing cost of property ownership (taxes, maintenance and other fees) is relatively low in Mexico compared to other countries. In some areas (especially tourist areas and big cities), Mexican property can also generate a regular rental income.

As a foreigner you are able to buy any type of property in Mexico, and most estate transactions run smoothly and without any problems. That said, you should still be prepared for quite a bit of paperwork on your property purchase, and you should be aware that in Mexico – like anywhere in the world – any property purchase can turn into a nightmare if you are not cautious and do not take enough time to analyse the state and the value of what you are buying.

Our property guide to Mexico helps you to avoid costly mistakes and problems by giving you step-by-step explanations on everything you should consider when buying a property in Mexico. Nevertheless, you should always seek additional advice and do enough research before making a final decision about whether to buy.

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