Getting a phone line

How to get a phone line in Mexico

Getting a phone line

Getting a phone line in Mexico is usually a straightforward process. In many cities you can choose between different landline providers, whereas in smaller town and villages your choice will often be limited to Telmex.

The easiest way to get a landline installed is to visit a store from the provider of you choice. In most cases you will have to present:

  • Official identification. This can be your passport, license or anything that can be considered as an official document.
  • Proof of and description of your address. In many cases the company will send a technician to your house, so make sure you include all the information needed to find where you live (like floor levels).
  • A connection fee. Most companies will ask for a one-off connection fee that varies depending on which provider you choose and which city or area you live in. These fees are generally not very expensive.

Bundle services

Many companies offer bundle services which include a phone line, internet access and sometimes cable TV. Buying these services in a bundle can be cheaper than buying them separately, so compare beforehand. Companies offering bundle service include:

  • Telmex
  • Telum (certain areas)
  • Axtel (certain states)

Changing the account holder’s name

If you move into a place that already has a phone line you might want to take over the previous service instead of installing a new one. This can reduce waiting times and will often save you the one-off connection fee. To take over an existing line you will need to know the previous account holder and then do the following:

  1. Check the line is working.
  2. Make sure the previous owner does not have any debts pending with the provider.
  3. Get a signed letter from the previous owner, stating he/she gives you the rights to the phone line and the address where it is located.
  4. Inform the provider of the account change.

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