Netherlands top highlights

Where to go and what to see

Netherlands top highlights

Netherlands is a place of beautiful canals, tranquil atmosphere, and charterer architecture. To move from one place to another, this country offers an organized and strongly convenient public transport service.

Amsterdam is not the only city worth visiting, the Netherlands has much more to offer. Read through some tips to visit.


This “student city” is an Amsterdam in smaller version. This town is one of the most loved by Dutch people. If you happen to go there on a sunny day, you will be amazed by the amount of people sitting everywhere on the crowded streets and sipping coffee. You can feel the general care-free and happy atmosphere.

Start your day with strolling around the old city and browsing the small vintage shops. Have a nice lunch in front of the Utrecht’s old cathedral tower, the Dom Tower. Then, finish the day in a Railway Museum. In this museum, very recommendable for children, you will 'go back in time' and see the first trains ever made in Europe. More information on their opening hours and entrance fee is available on the museum's website .

The Hague

Den Haag is the official residence for the famous Dutch royal family. It is equally international as Amsterdam. When on a walk, you will be amazed to hear so many people speak English, Italian, or Spanish, and more languages.

It is Netherlands' largest city, with some of the most important international world organizations located there. To mention some of them: The International Court of Justice or The International Criminal Court. A recommended place to go is Madurodam : a Holland miniature, built from Amsterdam’s canals, Schiphol airport, gorgeous Dutch landscape and other landmarks. Another way to spend a pleasant time is to go and have a drink on a beautiful beach called Scheveninge.


Arnhem is a blend between a small town and a large village. It is beautiful, as if when created the plans were based on a stunning painting. Some of the famous people are related to this town: designers Victor and Rolf or Cirque du Soleil artist Goos Meeuwsen.

Arnhem is a green town with many open areas and parks such as Sonsbeek Park. The main attraction in Arnhem is the Open Air Museum . Located in the middle of a park you will be able to view more than 80 historical local houses, farm houses and mills. This museum allows guests to see how Dutch life was in the old days.


There are so many things to do and see in Delft, as the best-preserved city in the Netherlands. Upon arrival, it is best to go to a tourist information booth and plan your day.

Discover the canal boats or stroll down the Delft's centre to admire Johannes Vermeer's works of art. You can also browse through the authentic hand-made pottery or visit Oude Kerk, Delft oldest church dating from the 1240s.

Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is one of the most tourist areas in the Netherlands. Located very close to Amsterdam this tiny region attracts about 900,000 visitors every year.

The old windmills, small cafés and restaurants, and a peaceful atmosphere make you want to take a long afternoon cruise on the river. You can also visit the local Zaanse Museum or go to the crafts shops where you can make your own Dutch clogs. Finish the day with delicious pancakes in the De Kraai restaurant.

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