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Helpful housing tips

When you start working as an expatriate in a foreign country, you have to deal with a lot of matters. One of the most important, but at the same time difficult things is to find you a nice place to feel at home. To make your stay in Holland as pleasant as possible, you need advice and a helping hand in finding a room, apartment or house that suits your desires

Registering with a real estate agency has many advantages. A real estate agency provides a housing service with an "available houses" database and professional staff. By registering with a real estate agency you choose for an effective, fast, professional and efficient way to find your "home away from home". Real estate agencies know the various cities and neighbourhoods very well and can find you a place that will really be your new home. Whether it is a (temporary) room, an apartment or a house, real estate agencies are able to find it for you. Real estate agencies can offer semi-furnished or fully furnished apartments, and in some cases even empty apartments, so you can decorate it totally to your desires. When a real estate agency can't offer you directly what you are looking for, they will immediately start a search for housing that suits your preferences.

If you find housing of your interest, real estate agencies will arrange a visit. This visit can be organized on a time that is suitable for you. In the evening or weekend is no problem for the better agencies and there is a possibility for you to be picked up from your office or accommodation. If you have found your little palace, a real estate agency will do its utmost best for you to make sure you can start renting it. Real estate agencies will also help you with questions you have regarding to the move into your new home.

Real estate agencies normally charge a commission of 1 months' rent (excl. 19% VAT) when you have found your new house. Because agencies believe in personal service, you are often asked to contact an office by phone or by email. Of course all real estate agencies will welcome you to visit their office.

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