room for rent

  • I need a room in an appartment in Den Haag from 1/september/2005 to 30/ juin/2006.

    02 Aug 2005, 07:04 Anonymous
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  • still looking for a room at The Hague???

    Hi! I am moving to The Hague soon and I think about renting a house or spacious flat because it's quite hard to find somthing small for a good price.

    Are you still looking for a room?
    Let me know the and I'll contact you if I have one to rent.


    Anonymous 16 Oct 2005, 02:33 - Report
  • I need a room too

    I need a room in Den Haag from 10/January/2006. You have a apartment? my mail is [email removed] Thank you!!!

    Anonymous 02 Nov 2005, 07:09 - Report
  • room for rent

    Hello! I need a room in Den Haag,too. I´m searching one from middle of January till middle of april.My Email is: [email removed]
    It would be very nice to hear from you!

    Anonymous 08 Nov 2005, 03:18 - Report
  • josep

    dag! I need a room in Zwolle, its for 6 or more months. 1-1-06 to 1-6-06. I am from barcelona and its for do a erasmus course in Zwolle. If u want a roomate ... [email removed] thank u

    Anonymous 20 Nov 2005, 04:03 - Report
  • Need an apartment in or around Amsterdam...

    If you need an apartment in or around Amsterdam you should take a look at This housing agent offers a lot of properties online with lots of pictures.

    Anonymous 21 Nov 2005, 09:11 - Report
  • Room Required

    Hi, I need a simple furnitured room in den Haag from Sep. 2006 to Sep. Aug. 2007. If you have room for rent, please let me know.

    Here is my email [email removed]
    Thank you


    Anonymous 14 Jun 2006, 05:26 - Report
  • room to rent

    i m looking fore a room in amsterdam for not more than 400 euro.
    i m going to do an internship from the 10. of august till the 15. of octobre.
    can you help me??
    [email removed]

    Anonymous 17 Jun 2006, 03:40 - Report

    Thanking you,
    S. K. PAUL

    Anonymous 17 Jul 2006, 04:05 - Report
  • room

    i need a room in enschede from february to july

    Anonymous 13 Oct 2006, 10:22 - Report
  • Studio for rent in Den Haag

    Nice, furnished studio in center of Den Haag. available: 01-02-07. 4 months to rent - minimum.

    Anonymous 24 Jan 2007, 01:31 - Report
  • Looking for a room in Amsterdam

    Hi there!
    I'm a student and I'll need a room in Amsterdam for 3 years from august 2007 on for roundabout 400 euros. Got one? send me an e-mail: [email removed]

    Anonymous 29 Jan 2007, 04:36 - Report
  • Looking for a Roommate

    Hi - I'm looking for a woman who would like to be a roommate with a retired American teacher in Amsterdam. I will relocate in August. I especially like the Museum District but will consider others. I can contribute between 500 and 600 Euro If someone can match that, I think we can find a suitable apartment.Please be in touch if you are interested. ([email removed])

    Anonymous 29 Jan 2007, 07:03 - Report
  • looking for room/studio short term Den Haag

    Looking for a room or small studio to rent in or around Den Haag, starting immediately, for 3 or 4 months...
    [email removed]

    snb 19 Feb 2007, 05:42 - Report
  • room or flat in den haag

    I am looking for a room or a flat fully furnished to share or not (for at least one year, beginnig on the first of march).
    If you have any idea please contact me [email removed]

    Thank you


    vmo 21 Feb 2007, 03:13 - Report
  • Looking for a room from March

    I need a room to let in Den Haag for 2 months March-April.

    Please email on [email removed]

    Sammy 23 Feb 2007, 10:13 - Report
  • Need a room 4rent or small studio

    Need a room/studio for mid March in Amsterdam. Looking for roommate to share.
    [email removed]

    Marcel 01 Mar 2007, 01:21 - Report
  • Urgent: room/studio to rent in Amsterdam

    Need a room or studio in Amsterdam to rent for 6 months, starting 21-3-2007.
    I'm also looking for a roommate to share room/studio.
    My email is : [email removed]

    Marcel 01 Mar 2007, 01:24 - Report
  • Looking for a Rented Apartment in Amsterdam or Den Haag or Utrecht

    I am looking for an Single furnished Apartment in Amsterdam or Den Haag or Utrecht. if someone is renting it out please let me know, you can reach me on [email removed]

    sachin 12 Mar 2007, 04:47 - Report
  • looking for the room

    My name is Jarka, and I am looking for room in Amsterdam
    from 15 of April 2007..
    please contact me if something happy
    my e-mail address [email removed]
    or phone number 0625323314

    yarka 13 Mar 2007, 04:45 - Report

    [email removed]

    THOR 23 Mar 2007, 10:53 - Report
  • apartment in amsterdam

    i need an apartment in amsterdam from 1 january 2008 for one year or more. i am from romania, living in poland for 10 years.i will work in amsterdam. the price max 1500 euro for month and i am looking also for some friends because i will be very lonely all by myself, i am a girl 25 years old. my email is [email removed]

    mary 24 Mar 2007, 11:23 - Report
  • Need to rent a room for four days in Amsterdam during Easter holidays

    Hey, I'm going to Amsterdam for a short vacation during Easter Holidays. So I'd like to rent a room or Family Hostel for a very short period. Please contact me by the following [email removed]
    Thanks loads. Your message will be highly appreciated.

    EV 26 Mar 2007, 06:52 - Report
  • room to rent/flat share - Den Haag

    Just landed from the UK...
    I'm looking for either a room to rent or a flat share in Den Haag area.
    I'm a male, 28, none smoker, clean and working professional. I'm currently staying in hotels and will need this urgently. Please contact me @ [email removed]. Thanks

    Samuel 31 Mar 2007, 09:54 - Report

    I need a room in Delft from August/sept 07 for atleast a year. If anyone has a room to share please let me know too. I am quite social, open mineded, dont snoor in the night and pretty clean.
    e-mail me at [email removed]

    Archit 06 Apr 2007, 08:53 - Report
  • Appt

    hey is this still available/....plz email me at
    [email removed]

    i need a studio or a room near the centrum of the Hague.

    Bhavish Ahuja 09 Apr 2007, 07:54 - Report
  • appartment in Rotterdam

    I´ll move to Rotterdam next june (but could be earlier).
    I´m looking for an apartment close to Wenna. I´m thinking in something like 70-80m2, furnished, heating (or central heating) and internet conexion (and if it´s possible with utilities including in the bill), and if is possible with parking.

    e-mail me at [email removed]

    Fernando 17 Apr 2007, 07:01 - Report

    I am looking for a room in the hague, from May 1st till the end of the year. If anyone has a room to share please contact me as I would like to move in A.S.A.P. I work 9 till 6 mon- fri and will be studying mostly in the evenings and sometimes over the week end. I am social, neat, and easy to get along with and would ideally like to share with someone similar. Please dont hesitate to contact me at [email removed] should you have any accomodation which might be of interest.



    Melvin 17 Apr 2007, 09:28 - Report
  • Need a room in Delft

    I need a room from the beginning of June for 1 year. Address is needed. Pls contact me [email removed]

    chinlin 25 Apr 2007, 08:32 - Report

    I am looking for a room in The Hague in july. I need information as soon as possible. Thank you.
    [email removed]

    MARTA 30 Apr 2007, 09:56 - Report
  • apt in den haag

    hi, i am looking for an apartment to share in den haag from july 1st to october 2nd..
    don't hesitate to contact me!!

    [email removed]

    valentina 01 May 2007, 12:22 - Report
  • I need a room in den haag in end of june

    hi , I need a room in end of june in den haag , i'm looking something cheap , roundabout 200/250 e per month or a studio if I find someone to share it with me , I don't smoke , and I'm quite , clean. my email is [email removed] 08 May 2007, 02:11 - Report
  • share a studio

    I need someone to find and share a studio or a flat with me in den haag. I'm very quiet , clean , none smoke , I arrive in the end of june . my email adress is [email removed]

    helder 08 May 2007, 03:26 - Report
  • I need a room in Amsterdam

    Hi I need a room in Amsterdam from mid. June. I am a 24 old male. Let me know if you have any : [email removed]

    Lukasz 09 May 2007, 08:51 - Report
  • room in Maastricht

    Hey I am looking for a room or a small apartment in Maastricht from the end of August or early September. If you know something let me know.
    [email removed]

    Martin Leisen 10 May 2007, 02:24 - Report
  • amsterdam room

    i am looking for a room in amsterdam for 2 people. Max price is 500 euro/month. We are going there 1 of june. Can anybody help us ?

    [email removed]

    Chris 11 May 2007, 05:07 - Report
  • studio

    i need studio for 02 persons or 01 bedroom appartment in utrecht from February 1st to February 28th 2008

    add me MSN messanger: [email removed]

    Abdulla 13 May 2007, 05:15 - Report
  • Room in Leiden

    Do somebody need a room from 1 june or 1 july? I have a room for a girl! It is in Leiden. If you are a student you can rent it until the end of january. If not you can rent it from 1 june until the end of july 2007. The room is small and furnished. The accommodation is shared with 3 other girls. Rent is 370€ total per me if you have questions! [email removed]

    madeleine 14 May 2007, 06:52 - Report
  • Looking for a studio or room to rent in the Hague

    Looking for a studio or a room for two people to rent in The Hague between 1st July and 30th September. Please email me on [email removed] if you have anything. Thank you.

    Kate 17 May 2007, 05:48 - Report
  • Search for a rent in Den Haag from june to september

    I am a french student and I have just found an intership in TNO for 3 months ( mid june - mid september) and I am searching for a rent ( < 500 Euros per months) in the city of Den Haag for 3 months near the place of my internship (TNO) . Have you something to rent for me ?

    Thank you for your help .


    Laurent 18 May 2007, 07:50 - Report
  • Room Wanted for June

    Are you on holiday for the month of June and need someone to be in your room or Aparment for the month of June (and maybe July and August)
    Is this room in Maastricht Centrum or near the railway station

    I am seeking a furnished room/apartment to rent for the month of June.

    I am very clean, non smoker and will be working in Maastricht for 3 months.

    Email me at [email removed]

    Eok 18 May 2007, 01:02 - Report
  • Anna Maria

    Hello we are 2 lovely sisters looking for 2 rooms to rent, both students, we are very tidy and non smoking, we could share a house with other students or if this is possible rent a small flat together, we would be very grateful for any information IT MAKES MY DAY! Thx so much Anna Maria 0643843198 [email removed]

    Anna Maria 19 May 2007, 12:44 - Report
  • looking room/studio/flat


    We are couple looking for room/flat/studio for rent.

    Can you please tell us how much is the rent?

    Could you also please give me some details about this room?


    [email removed] 21 May 2007, 01:41 - Report
  • looking for rent


    We are couple looking for room/flat/studio for rent.
    in Den Hague or Amsterdam.
    We want to move by end of may.

    [email removed] 21 May 2007, 01:43 - Report
  • Wonderful apartment to share close to Vondelpark (Amsterdam)

    As I am planning to leave the Amsterdam in the nearest future, I am looking for the perfect person to share the apartment with one excellent neighbor – Claudia, Romanian girl, which is 23 and just started to work in this wonderful city.
    The apartment is located at Paramaribostraat, which is close to Vondelpark and is around 10 minutes by bicycle to Leidseplein. It has two separate bedrooms, one common living room, small kitchen, two separate bathrooms (one with bath and one with shower), small garden where you can perfectly place your bicycle, small room for washing mashing and drier.
    You will have you separate room available from the second half of June or even from the beginning of June, which is discussible. Cost without utilities is EUR 500, with utilities it is around EUR 650
    Please call or write directly to Claudia: email: [email removed] , tel: +31 641 056 029, or to myself (Irina): email: [email removed], tel.: +31 649 133 857

    Irina 22 May 2007, 03:27 - Report
  • The Hague, room requested

    Hello everybody!

    I am searching for a room or a small flat at Sheveningen or the Hague from June 2007 for about half a jear, maybe also longer.
    Not too expensive would be nice (until 400 Euros).
    Looking forward to hear of you!

    my e-mail adress:

    Jasmin 22 May 2007, 08:05 - Report
  • Need an Apartment !!

    Hi, we are an young couple and we intend to settle in Den Haag at beginning of June, so we are urgently looking a 2 rooms furnished apartment preferably near Centraal Station up to 700-750E including utilities. A studio will also be suitable.We expect a 6 month min staying (1year). We'll be very grateful for any offer.
    Please contact us at [email removed] .

    FLORI 24 May 2007, 04:22 - Report
  • looking for a room in Den Haag

    hi, i will study at HHS in Den Haag from 23th august for 5 months, i'm looking for a room/roomshare up to 250-300 euros per month. my email is [email removed]

    Vencel 29 May 2007, 01:09 - Report
  • Flat for three french girls in Den Bosch from Aug to Dec 2007

    Hi, we are 3 french girls 23 years old, we will study at Avans University from Aug to Dec 2007 and so we search a flat for Three, or a flat with other people where there are 3 rooms for us...! We are very friendly, honest and funny girls. Please contact us if you have a flat for us at: [email removed].
    Thank You
    See you soon!

    Claire 04 Jun 2007, 01:58 - Report
  • Room/ Studio in Amsterdam or surroundings

    I'm looking for a long term rent room/studio in or around amsterdam for a price that is not more than 650 euros inclusive , 700 could be reached but that is according to what the place has to offer ( better to stick to 650 ).
    I will be moving there by August 1 2007 ( single person ). Please if you have what i want could you please mail me to : [email removed]

    Mike 05 Jun 2007, 12:59 - Report
  • Need an appartment in Maastricht

    Hi, we are two Ukrainian students (girls) going to study in Maastricht starting from August, 20th, 2007 and we are interested in renting a small studio or 1 bedroom apartment for both of us, preferably no more than 500 EURO/month (all incl.) and somewhere near Maastricht Universiteit.
    Please, contact me [email removed]!


    Blur 06 Jun 2007, 12:02 - Report
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