Foreign degrees

Recognition of degrees in the Netherlands

Foreign degrees

Foreign degrees can be easily evaluated to see whether they qualify as a Dutch degree.

In recent years a lot has been done for EU-residents to make the education system as equal as possible. Therefore, most EU-residents should not have any problems finding jobs with their current degree or get accepted into a Master program.

However, you still need to submit your current degree to one of these 2 institutions to find out what the Dutch equivalent is: Nuffic and Colo. Nuffic does evaluations of qualifications at primary and (basic) secondary education level & at higher education level. Colo evaluates qualifications at vocational education level.

More information can be obtained from their joint information desk; Informatiecentrum Diplomawaardering (IcDW). You can contact the IcDW at Postbus 7338, 2701 AH Zoetermeer. Call them at +31 79 321 79 30 or visit the website ( ).

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