Why is bunq ideal for expats?

  • Open an account from anywhere in the world - all you need is your phone, ID and an EU address
  • Free ATM withdrawals worldwide (up to 10 per month)
  • Interest of 0.27% on your first €10,000 - paid monthly
  • Amazing features like Saving Goals with AutoSave, Dual-Pin, TransferWise integration, …

Never waste time ever again

Get the freedom to manage all your money on your phone. Need to open a new account? Open one in seconds. Change access codes, account settings, or anything else you want, all directly from the app. No paperwork, no waiting, no hassle.

Ethical and greener banking

With the recently launched bunq Green Card you can start making the world a greener place, because for every 100 EUR spend, bunq will plant a tree. For instance, did you know that planting 10 trees would offset the CO2 of 3 flights from Berlin to New York? In that way you can contribute to the environment and become CO2 neutral just by using a different card, it doesn’t get any easier than that! Also bunq let’s you decide if and where your money gets invested in. Don’t want to support gun manufacturing or palm oil? No problem, just select within the bunq App that you want your money to be invested in green companies.

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