Most providers ask for things expats don't have before settling in, like:

  • A Dutch bank account to set up a direct debit
  • A Dutch address, sometimes even a residence permit

Expat Mobile is specially designed for people that are moving to the Netherlands and for this reason you can get a contract easily before you move. 

Another advantage of Expat Mobile is that they offer more flexible and easy to cancel contracts. Their plans have a minimum permanence of only 3-months.

Your SIM gets conveniently delivered to your home address (to any country), so you can already give family and friends your new mobile number before getting settled in your new home.

Advantages of Expat Mobile

  • Contract and customer support is in English
  • Great value rates for international calls
  • Data included in plans, so you can be online from day one (if you are coming from outside of the EU, this can be really expensive on your home phone)
  • Family members can be easily added to a contract

Expat Mobile also offer flexible, great value calling plans designed especially for expats - so even if you already have a Dutch mobile number it is worth checking out their rates.

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