Business dress in New Zealand

  • Hi all!
    Can give me someone some information or recommendations about the business dress code in New Zealand? Is it the same as in Europe or is it more casual and easygoing?


    29 May 2007, 06:46 Dave
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  • same as in europe

    Hi Dave,

    I think more or less it's the same as in europe. Found the following text...maybe it could help you:

    When conducting business in New Zealand, you want to dress conservatively and tending toward a more formal look.

    Men should wear darker colored suits with a conservative tie. To maintain formality, a white shirt would be worn.

    Women should wear a suit, a dress, or skirt and blouse with a jacket. The wardrobe should incorporate classic styles and colors (navy and gray).

    Umbrellas and raincoats are necessary most of the year because of the climate and rainfall. The climate is temperate, not tropical. A medium weight wool gabardine would be a good choice of fabric for your basic wardrobe.

    When not involved in business meetings and activities, your wardrobe may be casual. To maintain a professional, though casual look, keep your clothing classic in neutral colors (navy, gray, camel, ivory, and white). Make sure your casual shoes are properly maintained.

    Do not use the "V for victory" sign while in this country.

    Ray 29 May 2007, 06:53 - Report
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