Rental Costs

How much does renting cost?

Rental Costs

The main divide in rental costs is between Auckland and Wellington on the one hand, and the rest of the country on the other.

In these two cities you pay significantly more to rent a property, especially in upmarket areas. There’s not a great deal of difference elsewhere and the national average rent is NZ$1467 (US$944) for a one-bedroom apartment and NZ$2450 (US$1577) for a three- bedroom one. Apart from location, properties’ size and facilities are the main factors affecting the rent.

Typical rental costs for a two-bedroom, unfurnished apartment range from NZ$1500 (US$966) per month in cheaper areas, such as Dunedin and Rotorua, to NZ$2000 (US$1268) in central Auckland and Wellington. The monthly rent for a three-bedroom, unfurnished apartment ranges from NZ$1600 (US$1030) in Dunedin to between NZ$2120 (US$1365) in central Auckland.

Anything with a sea view will cost up to 50% more, particularly in Auckland (there are lots of glorious views in New Zealand, but sea views are the only ones for which landlords charge extra). Basic properties are set at premium rates in any town with universities so their rents can be higher than that of good quality properties elsewhere.

Most landlords prefer to let their properties for at least 12 months at a time (some won’t let for less). Those who do tend to charge more, particularly on lets of under six months. If you find a rental property through an estate agent or rental agency, you must usually pay a fee equal to one week’s rent.

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