Explore extreme Queenstown

The 'Adventure Capital of the World'

Explore extreme Queenstown

Queenstown is the adventure town of New Zealand. It is a real paradise for those who seek to boost their adrenaline and sightsee in a different way. A very different way!

So if you aren’t afraid of heights, water, speed or snow, read this article for an introduction to Queenstown’s adrenaline boosters.
The spectacular geography of the region, with its beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and forests, creates a unique setting that has made Queenstown famous all over the world. The decision to film the movie Lord of The Rings  in this area of New Zealand is not surprising.

From jet boating to bungy jumping, white water rafting to tandem skydiving, Queenstown is the place that gives you the chance to push your limits and challenge yourself in an extremely fun, though safe way. The combination of extreme sports and a magnificent scenery is what makes Queenstown such an exciting place to visit.

If you wish to experience Queenstown from above, there are several options. You can enjoy a helicopter flight  over the Remarkables Mountain Range or a roller coaster flight  between the mountain valleys, paragliding or hang gliding above town and even an actionflite stunt plane  that will stir up your stomach.

Another thrilling way to get a bird’s eye view of Queenstown is to throw yourself out of an airplane at 15,000 feet. Expect sensory overload as you skydive above one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world ; you will experience a massive adrenaline rush during the 60 seconds you plummet toward the ground at 200kph.

If a rope tied around your legs makes you feel safer, choose between three different types of bungy jumps around Queenstown operated by AJ Hackett . The Ledge Bungy  jump will launch you out 400m (the actual fall is 47m) over Queenstown as you jump free style viewing the magnificent scenery underneath you.

You may also try the Kawarau Bridge Bungy , the first bungy jump in the world. Jump from 43m above the Kawarau River and end the jump with dipping your head in the water. If that’s not thrilling enough, here it is, the Nevis Bungy  - 134m above the rugged Nevis River. The 8.5 seconds of falling will seem to last forever as you make your way down facing the rocks. Make no mistake, the Nevis Bungy is not for cowards.
Can’t jump by yourself? Try the Nevis Swing , the world’s biggest sky swing. The 300m arc will suspended you above the valley floor until you’re released in a fraction of a second. Experience a massive rush of adrenaline as you swing down the valley and swoop back towards the oncoming cliff face.

If after jumping, skydiving, parachuting and flying above Queenstown you still have some energy left, you might want to dive in and explore the extreme water sports the town has to offer.

White water rafting is very popular in Queenstown as it gives you the opportunity to experience rafting as a beginner in the Kawarau river. This grade 2-3 river with its stunning scenery includes the longest commercially rafted rapid, the 400m Dog Leg.

Already an experienced rafter? The Shotover river is exactly for you. Paddling in the rugged Skippers Canyon, this grade 3-5 river is the most popular whitewater rafting in New Zealand.

If you feel like getting even closer to the rocks of the river, the Shotover Jet , 'The World's Most Exciting Jet Boating Ride' will get the job done. Take a breathtaking high speed cruise through the steep Shotover River canyons. Hold on tight as the boat speeds through the narrow ravines for Queenstown's full 360° spins experience.

Queenstown is not only attractive for outdoor sports during summer. During the cold season, the town turns into New Zealand’s favorite winter playground. Whether you prefer skiing, snowboarding or ice skating, the 6 ski fields  in the Queenstown area have it all.

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