Foreign investment

A route to residency

Foreign investment

Nicaragua is an attractive country for foreign investment and there are a lot of opportunities for starting businesses, especially in tourism.

Although the tourist sector is a favourite for foreign investment due to the Caribbean vibes and beautiful weather, there are many opportunities to teach skills to the Nicaraguan people, ranging from agriculture to running a business.

Mutual benefits

The Nicaraguan government encourages foreign investors to run their operations on Nicaraguan soil in order to reap the benefits they have on the economy. Therefore, laws have been set in order to facilitate the residency application process. The law stipulates that if you as a foreign investor run a business, invest a minimum of $30,000 in the Nicaraguan economy or form a company, you can apply for residency.

After applying for the residency, a government expert will estimate your investments.  When the MIFIC (Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce) gives the thumbs up, you are able to register for a 5-year foreign investor residency. This approval will also count for your partners, investors or shareholders. Nicaraguan companies require at least twelve members. It also extends to your immediate family.

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