Renting in Nicaragua


Finding the perfect accommodation in Nicaragua can be quite difficult. Your best shot might be to do it the ‘traditional way’, which means bonding with the locals and asking them to keep an eye out for you.

The Nicaraguan property market has experienced a lot of trouble due to poorly planned urban expansions and natural disasters. Even though the Nicaraguan people have tried to launch housing construction and tree planting programmes to stimulate investments, hurricanes have impeded further development.

Renting a house in Nicaragua is not quite as hard as buying one. Even though real estate agencies are still underdeveloped, the Nicaraguan rental market is growing exponentially, with the emergence of many Nicaraguan rental websites. Most real estate agents deal with expensive vacation rentals or sales listings instead of long term rental listings.

There is a significant difference between the price of a privately-rented house or apartment and the price of a house or apartment rented through a real estate agency, with prices varying from C$13,000 ($450) to C$85,500 ($3,000).

These price variations are mostly due to location, with beachfront homes typically more expensive. The most expensive areas are San Juan del Sur, Granada, Managua and León. A lot of expats live in these areas, but locals will advise you to rent a place one hour outside of these cities, where the prices are significantly lower.

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