Calling in Nicaragua

Local and international calls

Calling in Nicaragua

Whenever you go to a new country finding out the dialing codes and prefixes can be a hassle. This guide will explain everything there is to know about making calls in Nicaragua.

Local calls

Any fixed line phone number in Nicaragua has three parts:

  • Area code (see below)
  • “2”
  • Seven-digit telephone number

If you want to make a call the format should look like this:

“area code + 2 + xx xx xx x”

If you want to call a Nicaraguan mobile phone you simply add an 8 before the mobile number:

“8 + xx xx xx x”

Area codes

To call different regions in Nicaragua, use the following area codes:

Chinandega: 341
Granada: 55
Managua: 2
Rivas: 46
Tipitapa: 53
Léon: 3
Esteli: 7

International calls

To make an international call to Nicaragua from abroad you have to dial:

  • Exit number for country you are in (normally “00”)
  • Nicaragua’s country code: 505
  • Area code (if calling a landline)
  • Telephone number

“00 + 505 +area code + xx xx xx x”

If you want to make an international call from Nicaragua to another country dial:

  • “00”
  • Relevant country code
  • Area code
  • Phone number

“00 + country code + area code + phone number”

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