Driving licenses

Getting a driving license in Nicaragua

Driving licenses

Your home driver’s license is valid for driving in Nicaragua for the duration of the entry stamp in your passport. Only foreigners with Nicaraguan residency can apply for a Nicaraguan Driver License.

How to apply for a Nicaraguan driver’s license

After becoming a resident you can go to your local police station to apply for a driver’s license. The following documentation is necessary:

  • Copy of your passport or Nicaraguan Resident Card.
  • Examination certificates of eyesight and blood type, with a recent date, both certified by the Nicaraguan Red Cross.
  • License insurance policy.
  • Theoretical and practical exam certificates produced by the Transit Police Station Office or any other center authorized by them.
  • BANPRO (Bank of Production) deposit slip of C$120.00 to the account of the National Police.  
  • Current valid driver's license (from home country).
  • Certification from your Embassy of the type of license that you own and the type of vehicle that you can drive with.

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