Norwegian cuisine

Popular food in Norway

Norwegian cuisine

Norway has many different types of dishes to offer. Traditional Norwegian dishes are based mainly on the fresh natural foods that were cultivated from the land itself. Over the years different cultures have influenced the way food is made. Although traditional dishes will always be kept alive among Norwegian natives.

Smoked salmon

The most popular seafood dish that Norway can offer has to be smoked salmon. It is also one of Norway’s biggest exports to other countries. Smoked salmon is usually served with scrambled eggs, dill, or mustard sauce.


Another popular seafood that is consumed in Norway is gravlaks. This is salt or sugar cured salmon that is seasoned with dill and other various herbs. It is normally served with a mustard sauce called senneps saus or hoffmester saus.


This is an interesting dish that is popular among Norwegians but must be carefully prepared. Rakfish is trout that is fermented for several months. It is prepared by adding salt and must be left in a clean airtight container to reduce the risk of infectious bacteria. It is traditionally served sliced on flat bread with raw onion, sour cream, or mustard sauce.


This dish is made with with cod and prepared with lye. The cod is first soaked in cold water for several days and then the lye is added to the water where it remains for a few more days. The lye helps preserve the fish for longer periods of time. The cod is then carefully cooked and served along with your favorite side dish. Side dishes can range from green peas, green pea stew, potatoes, goat’s cheese, gravy, or bacon.


This is a popular stew that is made with minced meat, sausages, and fresh pork. Some variations of this dish include preparing the stew with gravy which is called “brun lapskaus”.  Another variation is basically the light version of the stew, called “lys lapskaus”, where the stew is prepared with a variety of vegetables together with a béchamel sauce.


This dish is normally prepared for a Christmas get together. The preparation consists of boiling salt cured pig's feet. They are traditionally served as a snack along with mustard, fresh bread, or flat bread.


Sodd is another popular soup dish that is comprised of meatballs, mutton, carrots, and potatoes. It is usually made for social gatherings and it is served with flatbread and beer or ginger ale.

Pickled herring

This is a popular dish that has made its mark throughout Europe. First the herring is cured with salt to extract the water. Then the the herring is soaked in mixture of vinegar, salt, bay leaves, and peppercorns. This mixture is intended to remove the salt and add flavors to the herring. It is finally served with dark rye bread, crisp bread, sour cream, or potatoes.

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