How to access the internet in Norway


The biggest Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Norway are Telenor, NextGenTel and Ventelo, with Telenor leading the market for both individual clients and businesses around Norway.

Telenor provides a huge range of services from broadband telephony (VoIP), internet access via PSTN/ISDN and digital subscriber lines (DSL). Don't worry if you don't understand any of this, you always have the option of picking up the phone and just asking for a basic internet installation!

Telenor sometimes offers new customers special deals that lead to quite significant price reductions per year and also provides PC protection or desktop applications.

Telenor's main competitors are NextGenTel and Ventelo. These two providers both have equal market share and coverage. Vantelo (which took over Banetelo in 2008) provides internet connections via ADSL, SHDAL and optic fibre cables and covers seventy cities in Norway. Depending upon the type of connection you choose, the internet speed will range from 8 megabytes per second to1 gigabyte per second (2010).

In order to get connected, you can directly contact a service provider, or go through an authorised dealer. Regarding payment, you can arrange to pay either monthly or yearly.

Competition between broadband providers in Norway is fierce and prices vary. However, you can get an internet subscription for as low as 195 NOK per month for a basic ADSL connection. For quicker connections, you should expect to pay more. For ADSL2+ you should expect to pay around 499 NOK per month. (2010)

For an up-to-date price list of all Norwegian broadband providers, have a look at the website of the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority . It features a list of Norwegian telecommunications service providers too.

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