Looking for local sponsor / Business partner in Oman

  • Hi,

    We at the software technologies conuslting firm, and looking for looking for local sponsor / Business partner in Oman. It covers in the scope of : ERP / EAM implementation, and support, master data management, warehosue management, outsourcing, etc.

    We are happy to interact with you, for further.


    18 Aug 2007, 08:39 CBR Technologies
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  • malaysian and asian Oman biz network..

    we are Malaysian Company with diversified biz in some Asian countries and has network in Gulf ,UAE and some Middle East companies...We are looking for biz friend to work together with huge biz opp at both ends...kindly get yourselves connected at [email removed]..!!!

    azlan ARIFfin 14 Dec 2007, 05:54 - Report
  • For Local Sponsorship

    Dear Sir/ Madame:

    It's a great pleasure to meet you. I belong to Dubai Business Help, the business enabling division of Manarat Group, an International Conglomerate. We are active in UK market since 1990 and the UAE since 2002. Dubizhelp is supporting its clients in all questions regarding COMPANY FORMATIOM / BRANCH FOUNDATION and LOCALIZATION TO UAE MARKET. As well as LOCAL SPONSORSHIP.

    I would like to submit our services.

    For more Inquiries please dont hesitate to reach us on the following contact numbers.

    With kindest regards,


    Dubai Business Help
    H Floor, Oriental House, Bank Street, Bur Dubai
    P.O.Box 182796, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Phone : +971-4-3979061, Fax : +971-4-3979062
    Cell : +971-50-8067059, Email : [email removed] / [email removed]

    MsMalou 16 Dec 2007, 01:18 - Report
  • Commercial agency of Korean brand in Oman

    Commercial agency for Home Appliances, Electronics & AirConditoners of a very strong Korean brand is open for Oman. Interested Omani partners may please contact at [email removed]

    NBM Group 27 May 2008, 05:31 - Report
  • i need invester as partner,or job as production manager


    I am enclosing herewith my CV for your kind perusal.
    I am a Distinction Holder(Gold Medalist) in Plastics Engineering from Government Polytechnic, Ahemdabad and Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with First class.
    I have got 15 years wide experiences in different Plastic Processing and machine manufacturring Organizations in different capacities. I like responsibilities and enjoy the challenges of new institutions.
    I hope you will find my CV in line with your requirements.
    I hope I may be granted an interview where I can explain my qualifications and experiences fully.
    Thanking you an looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,



    AT present I am working with machine manufacturer as consultant and service engineer,
    sir ,I have good knowledge about plastic all processing, machine and mould & die maintenance ,
    good knowledge about recycling process,
    root molding processing, machine and mould development,


    1) Aquinasn Tz Ltd, Tanzania as Production Manager since July 2005.to may 2006, They are one of the leading Rotomoulders in East Africa since the last fifteen years
    * this WAS a new operation and company appoint me to install machine ,mould seating and all types of seat tinges like time study and method study ,production planing,maintenance planning etc
    * I have developed root molding machine,which is producing up to 10000 Ltrs tank ,
    * developed new mould ,mould mountting,and also rectification in old machine,
    * achieved 100% production target and also maintained all machine Properlly,
    * i also gave some proposals to managment for new product development and also reduce production costing,
    • mould mountaining ,mould maintenance ,machine development,
    • product set up, workers training ,and tbs standerd maintained,

    2 )Organization: K.S.S.Ltd., Ahmedabad
    Position: Production In-charge
    Duration :From November 1999 to June 2005
    *was manufacturing drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation systeam ,
    *all types of pipe like lldpe, pp, hdpe, and pipe Fittinges,
    *fabricated and rotational moulding tank and other equipment,
    *machine installation
    *ensured certification of indian standered and maintain it,
    *developed latteral pipe fittings die, three layer pipe die, and batch marking,
    * development and implimented production tracking and quality control system, *fabricated pipe fitting fixture and jig,
    *production and machine maintenance sheduling,
    *dailly production and maintenance report,
    * production planning according to requirement,

    3) Organizations: Jet Fibre & Pump Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd
    Positions :Production In charge
    Duration :from oct. 1995 to augest-1999
    * hdpe ,pp, lldpe pipe ,pipe fittings, quality maintainnig,
    * frp chemical equipment and pump, ,blower
    *rubber linning
    *production according to requrement ,
    *maintenance report,
    *production planning and maintenance,

    4 )Organizations: Parixit Plastics Pvt. Ltd
    Position: Asst.Production and maintenance Engineer
    Duration: From june1991 to sep 1995
    *production reportting to production manager,
    *machine maintenance and dailly maintenance report,
    *processing and quality maintainning,
    *dailly target achivement,
    *fabrication and new product development and testting ,
    * pipe,pipe fittinges,frp chamical equipment and fabricated and roto moulded tank ,

    * Undergone trainning for complete extrusion process at Klockner Windsor Ltd .GIDC,AHEMDABAD (INDIA)

    1) Good knowledge of HDPE,PP,PIPE, Pipe Fittings, Rotomoulding and other Process
    2) All types of Plastics material testing and new Product Development
    3) Thorough knowledge of all types of Plastics Process and machine maintenance, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems.
    4) Erection and Commissioning of Rotomoulding machines .Expert in mould makings
    5)Rubber moulding and extrusion, all types of belt manufacturing and conveyer belt repairing
    6)Plastic material recycalling ,quality of rp material and development of some special quality plastic recycalling material
    7)New machine development ,mould & die for injection moulding,blow moulding ,rotomoulding and extrusion processingm,
    8) Experience of all types of works hope machine like lathe, milling, radial drill, shapping etc.
    9)Mould and product development for frp process,
    10)Gas ,hydrolic and water pipe line instollation and comitioning,
    11)Hydrolic and pneumatic system maintenance,
    12)Rubber product development, power press, hydrolic press ,maintenance,
    13)Have ability to maintain men and machine ,
    14) Train the field operators during commissioning period.
    15) Manage the safety of the plant operation
    16) Report the activities to Operation chief and Leader of Operation
    17) Co-operative with other managers/supervisors.

    PERMANENT ADDRESS : 4, L.G . Technician Staff Quaters,
    Near Krishnabag Char Rasta,
    Opposite Adani Gas Filling Station,
    Maninagar , Ahmedabad-380 008
    Gujrat, INDIA.
    EMAI-ID : [email removed], [email removed]
    Ph no: 091 79-5461160 , 091-9979095525
    DATE OF BIRTH : 14TH June, 1969u
    MARITAL STATUS : Married
    PASS PORT NO : A1661526
    LANGUAGES KNOWN : English, Hindi, Gujrati, and kiswahili
    DRIVING LICENCE : 4 ,wheeler licence from tanzania,2,wheller from india
    EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS : 1.Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with First Class
    2. Diploma in Plastics Engineering with Distinction (Gold Medalist)
    COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE : Expert in "Microsoft Office", Words, Outlook, Excel and Power Point
    Sir please send me positive and my favourable reply, give me one chance to work with your our organisation under your kind controll,
    respected sir ,
    sir in this process we can producing many types of product ,
    send me positive reply,

    Thanking you,
    best regards,
    Mahesh Trivedi

    mahesh trivedi 18 Jun 2008, 11:03 - Report

    I am a Oman national and I am offering to be a sponsor for any LLC company or PLC company for an annual fee only depending on the nature of your business. Please feel free to contact me on e-mail for further information and assistance. Please specify in the email all details regarding business nature, partners, etc.
    > >>
    > >> Regards
    > >>
    > >> Uthman
    > >> 00971505155702

    arbab 05 Sep 2008, 05:55 - Report

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    GORDON HADDEN 05 Sep 2008, 07:18 - Report
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