Looking for a flat

  • Hi, I am moving to Muscat in September, what's the best way to look for a place to live, can I do it in advance?

    19 May 2006, 02:08 Anonymous
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  • Looking for a flat.

    Hi, Anon,

    Any luck in your hunt for accommodation?


    Anonymous 16 Jan 2007, 01:30 - Report
  • go to Qabasu.com (Real Estate)

    Now you can view the location of the flat or villa for rent by google Map, Just go to www.Qabasu.com

    Hamood A-Nofly 18 Feb 2007, 07:46 - Report
  • very urgent : looking for 1 bedroom flat

    Hi i m looking for 1 bedroom Flat in ruwi or neer seeb pls reply to this Email [email removed].

    Mustapha 22 Aug 2007, 06:18 - Report
  • Looking for 2 bed Room near Sri lanken School

    I am looking for 2 bed Room flat Near Sri lanken school OR CLOSED TO mUSCUT INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL, Rent i could affort Oman rIYAL 175 TO 200.

    wIJESINGHE 23 Aug 2007, 03:12 - Report
  • need 1 / 2 bedroom flat in muscat city urgently

    want a accomodation in muscat city 1 or 2 bedroom flat .

    madhu kiron 14 Apr 2008, 12:42 - Report
  • Property in Mabela

    Hello I'm looking to rent a house or flat in Mabela. I am just wondering what the average cost of rent would be in that area?

    Jason 27 May 2008, 06:46 - Report
  • studio flat in azaiba

    my target is around 200.ok if it is not a studio flat den also ok den my targetwill be aroung 300 by sharing

    Mezwa 31 May 2008, 08:40 - Report
  • Best one to go to is TAIF REAL ESTATE

    I work for Carrefour and Taif Real Estate has found some great villas and apartments for our staff, at very reasonable rents. Couldn't ask for better!


    Thierry 22 Jul 2008, 11:13 - Report
  • Hi ,I will give U commission

    I am looking for flats from ruwi to Alkhoud .Single Bedroom Flat my budget is 150 to 300.Please mail me

    [email removed]
    MOBILE : 92669479

    If so Depends on the rent

    IF OMR 150 to 200 for Single Room flat from ALkhuwair to Azhaibha -----> I will give you 30 OMR as agent commission.[IF I registered the flat] With AC I will give [ OMR 30+5 = 35 ]

    IF OMR 200 to 300 for Single Room flat from ALkhuwair to Azhaibha -----> I will give you 20 OMR as agent commission.[IF I registered the flat] With 'AC' I will give [ OMR 20+5 = 25 ]

    FROM Azhiba to Alkhodh I will give you [10 + 5 for 'AC' =15 OMR]

    Prabu 02 Sep 2008, 09:44 - Report
  • Looking for a flat/villa


    I'm looking for accomodation in or around Alkhuwair on an urgent basis. Please let me know as soon as possible. Email: [email removed] Phone: 98275335

    Sheraz Ahmad Chowdry 25 Nov 2008, 01:02 - Report
  • Looking for a Studio Apartment

    I'm looking for a studio apartment in central muscat. My range is OMR200 to 300 per month. Please reply at [email removed]

    Kashif Adeel 28 Jan 2009, 01:54 - Report
  • Rent in Wadi Kabir

    Hi I am moving to muscat by this weekend that is on 31st of This Month. Our ofiice is located near wadi kabir. Can any one tell me what is the approximate rent snario in that raea. will i be able to manage between 300 to 350 OMR.

    Your vailabe suggestion would be of great help.

    Tariq 29 Jan 2009, 07:19 - Report
  • Hosuing in Muscat

    Hiiiiii i am looking for 1 bedroom in muscat , anywhere in Ruwi....

    I am going to muscat next sunday april 19th , my e-mail is : [email removed]

    Tamer Mohsen 16 Apr 2009, 06:21 - Report
  • Apartment in Muscat

    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for a fully furnished apartment, my budget is OR 700. Can anyone advise me on this?


    Oscar. 20 May 2009, 07:03 - Report
  • Accomodation

    pls visit this site........

    fundook 01 Jun 2009, 07:33 - Report
  • 1 bedroom flat in al hail

    im looking for 1 or 2 bedroom flat in al hail my budget is RO200 mobile: 92957553 or email: [email removed]
    i will give RO30-RO50 for the agent who can help.

    Marc 23 Jun 2009, 07:32 - Report
  • flat

    Iam looking for a flat one bed room to rent at Central London

    email : [email removed]

    Eltayeb 27 Jun 2009, 12:46 - Report
  • Lookig for a 1BHK

    I am looking for a 1 BHK at Al-Khuwair. Can anyone advise me on this?

    Syam #95223944
    [email removed]

    Syam 13 Jul 2009, 11:29 - Report
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