Arabic & Tajweed Teacher Vacancy

  • Assalamualykum!

    The academy of e--Aalim invites applications for online Classical Arabic Language/Tajweed teachers. Native proficiency in Classical Arabic / Tajweed is required. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in teaching Arabic in English, good command of English required and must be computer literate because the candidate will display PowerPoint Presentations, while teaching online.

    The candidate will teach Classical Arabic at all levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced) to students. Candidates must have at least 3 years experience in teaching, and be familiar with issues involved in the teaching of Classical Arabic and Tajweed.

    Interested candidates should submit a letter of application, a teaching statement (specifically addressing the teaching of Arabic), a complete CV, and three letters of recommendation, as well as relevant supporting documentation (which can include teaching materials and/or tapes showing the candidate teaching Arabic), to [email removed]

    For an initial formal interview this can be done on SKYPE, the SKYPE name is �Abu Rauqayyah� and in E-Aalim VIRTUAL CLASSROOM.

    28 Feb 2008, 12:40 Abu Ruqayyah
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  • My interest to join as a teacher

    I have completed B A [NGLISH]
    M A [ARABIC]
    Can I apply ?

    zainul abideen mk 07 Dec 2008, 08:17 - Report
  • arabic teacher

    im graduated from faculty of education in egypt.i have been working for 9 years in state schools including 3years in MAURITIUS ISLAND on contract basis in the ministry of education and scientific research for both primary and secondary education level.Also i have been promoted to teach in doha academy for tertiary studies for those who follow studies after HSC

    MAGDY MOHAMED ABD ELATTY ELKAFOURY 28 Jan 2009, 11:19 - Report
  • Assalamu Alykum

    I am syrian Brother doing MA banking in UK,and MA islamic studies in Damascus Uni,I have 4 years experience in teaching Quraan and Tajweed Alhamdulillah,am teaching part time for non arabic tajweed and Quraan here in UK in English.

    Wanna to apply

    [email removed]

    Muthanna Nabhan 06 Feb 2009, 01:19 - Report
  • English Teacher needed by Dr. Karin Karcher

    I am happily using this great opportunity to introduce my self and my family. I am Dr. Karin Karcher with my wife Sonia Karcher,
    we had three children two Boys and a Girl. we nationalized in Bern Switzerland. recently i presently got a new contract in United Kindom with the Big Bed Company ltd. now presently working in Uk with The Big Bed Company Ltd England and my Children also here with me.
    my kids are very small, they do not understand English as their second language. my first Son is 6yrs, and my Daughter 4yrs why my last Son is 3yrs. Since here in UK their official language is english, i decide to hire an english teacher for my children. who will come and stay with us at least a period of 1year. i will be glad and i will offer a good salary for my english private teacher. my kids are very good and obedient can grab learning english easily.

    I will required a person that is age of 18-60 year, and have a good idea of teaching and explaining english to younger once and can play with kids.
    You can come from any part of the country, and have teaching experience from three to four months up, knowledge and ability to teach writing skill

    Tutor Benefit:
    Monthly Salary 2,600GBP (Two thousand six hundred Great British Pounds) and medical allowance, and free accommodation, with room facilities, equip with Fridge, TV, land line, free internet connection and kitchen utility.

    please do contact me with your current resume and full information about you.
    E-mail: [email removed]
    Dr. Karin Karcher

    Dr. Karin Karcher 16 Mar 2009, 11:07 - Report
  • Arabic private teacher needed in Doha

    Dear Magdy,

    I am contacting you as I urgetnly need an Arabic private language teacher for lessons in Doha, can you help?

    I look forward to your response

    [email removed]

    Reheca Delgado 30 Apr 2009, 12:44 - Report
  • arabic language and litteratur teacher

    Name: Jebali
    Surname: Samir
    Place and Date of Birth: 16/03/1977 at Béja
    CIN N°: 02325790
    Address: 9080 Goubellat Béja Tunis
    N° Tel: +216 96280 914


    Baccalaureate 2000 Section: letter
    duel 2003: Arabic language and literature
    MAITRSISE 2005: Arabic language and literature


    2006: professor of Arabic language and literature

    2007: professor of Arabic language and literature

    2008: professor of Arabic language and literature

    2009: professor of Arabic language and literature

    Place of Internship: Private School

    Languages practicing:
    Excellent Good Fair
    Arabic: Excellent
    French: Excellent
    English: Excellent

    Computer: Word - Excel-Internet/sport:swuimming;foot ball coch

    samir jbeli 07 Jun 2009, 03:20 - Report
  • samir jbeli yahoo

    [email removed]

    samir 07 Jun 2009, 03:22 - Report
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