Recruitment Agencies

How they operate

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment consultants or agents play a major role in the placement of workers in a host of occupations in Oman.

Since foreigners make up much of Oman´s labor force, the best places to start looking for work are international recruiting agencies. Private recruitment consultancies in western countries (particularly in London and New York) staff most managerial positions, while agencies in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Korea, and other Asian-Pacific countries recruit manual laborers for major construction projects.

Agencies tend to specialise in particular fields: management, IT, maintenance, medicine, and countless others. Omani employers pay these recruiting agencies themselves, so prospective employees do not have to dig into their own pockets to pay for services.

Recruitment agencies in Oman itself are sometimes used for placing expatriates in temporary work, and they are especially popular with expatriate spouses looking for part-time jobs. Local agents can help expatriates who are changing jobs within Oman, but since most foreigners arrive under contract these agencies usual market their services primarily to Omani nationals. Local recruiters and employment agencies get most of their expatriate business from employees who are nearing the end of their employment contracts.

Part-time work

Part-time employment is available im Oman, but since it is offered in the form of relatively un-skilled positions (bar work, simple secretarial positions, driving and courier services) it is unlikely that the government will grant work permits or work visas to foreigners who have arrived solely to pursue part-time employment.

Notable exceptions are foreign spouses in Dubai. While they, too, will have to apply for work permits to pursue temporary employment, they are much more likely to receive approval than foreigners looking to find work while visiting on a short-term visa.

You can usually find part-time work opportunities listed in newspapers and noticeboards.

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