Registering your Oman property


Registering your property is a relatively simple task, but it requires a bit of organisation. Both the buyer and the seller must be present at the registration, and you need to have your contact and property information on-hand.

The Land Department will register the sales agreement and charge a fee equivalent to 3% of the property price, which is paid by the buyer. The applications for property transfer must be signed before the registrar and in the presence of two witnesses. The department will then take about two hours to search for any legal problems with the property.

You will have to supply your personal information and identification cards. Additionally, you'll need to have information about the property, such as lot number, the number of square metres, property type, etc.

Processing time for a new title deed

The Land Department will typically take two to three weeks to register the deed in your name. Once you have received the property deed, you may officially apply for a residence visa.

Penal fees

For every month your property is unregistered, you will have to pay a fee of 50 OMR. The same fee applies to expired registrations.

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