Driving rules and regulations

Getting a driving licence in Oman

Driving rules and regulations

Be extremely careful while driving! Oman is famous for its bad drivers, and the number one cause of death is car accidents. Stay alert - the roads may not be what you are used to.

Driving conditions in Oman

The roads in Oman are paved and of good quality, making driving in Oman rather easy (if you’re the only one on the road...). The country has a good network of roads, with a dual-carriageway connecting the capital, Muscat, to all other big cities.

Owning a car in Oman is relatively cheap, since the petrol prices are very affordable and income taxes are low. The majority of expats in Oman either own or rent a car, and hardly use public transport. In Oman the traffic drives on the right. All traffic laws are strictly imposed: there are numerous speeding cameras, immediate penalties for using a phone while driving and a zero-tolerance towards driving under the influence of alcohol.

Getting a driver's licence

While on a visitors visa, expats are allowed to drive with their own national driver’s licence. Once a residence visa is issued, expats have to obtain an Omani driver’s licence. Every expatriate (including women) can get an Omani driver’s licence that will allow them to drive light vehicles and motorcycles, while licences for heavy equipment and vehicles can only be obtained if you need this for your job.

Expats from Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates can simply exchange their driving licence to an Omani driving licence, since Oman has made arrangements with these countries. Those expats that are not allowed to exchange their licence will have to pass a number of tests . To get the actual licence you will need to bring a copy of your residence card (bring the original as well), some passport photographs and the payment to start the process of getting your driver’s licence.

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