Private Schools in Panama

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Private Schools in Panama

There are many private schools in Panama, with different educational programs, quality and admission criteria.

Due to the high number of international schools in Panama City, expatriate children don't usually go to local schools. Fees for the international schools are very high when compared to the local private schools. In many international schools a one time registration fee or donation that can range from a few hundred dollars up to ten thousand dollars is also required at admission.

Admission to an international school depends on the child's command of the language used in the school, and availability of space, amongst other criteria. If you want to enrol your child in an international school, it is advisable that you start the admission process as soon as possible. Prior appointment is usually required to enrol, but many international schools have online enrolment forms to start the process.

Before you decide which private school to send your children to, you should check the language used at the school and the program followed, to be sure that your children won’t be too lost in the transition process. It is also important that the qualifications they will earn will be accepted in their home country should they wish to attend university there.

International schools in Panama include:


Caribbean International School
Tel. (507) 445-0933 
Ages: 3 to 18 years old
Languages: English, Spanish

Panama City

Boston School International
Tel. (507) 833-8888 
Ages: 3 to 17 years old
Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin

The French School (Lycée Français Paul Gaugin)
Tel. (507) 316-2270 
Ages: 2 to 18 years old
Language: French

International School of Panama
Tel. (507) 293-3000 
Ages: 3 to 18 years old
Language: English

Oxford International School
Tel. (507) 265-6422 
Ages: 3 to 18 years old
Languages: English, Spanish

Kings College Panama
Tel. (507) 282-3300 
Ages: 3 to 13 (school year 2014-15)*
Languages: English, Spanish

*Each year the school grows organically into another year group as the pupils get older. In time, the school will cater for children aged 3 - 18.

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