Looking for work

Where to look for a job in Panama

Looking for work

There are many places to search for a job in Panama; a combination search using all the available mediums will hopefully yield the best results.

There are several places to look for a job in Panama. However, you should know that a basic level of Spanish is usually required. You might also have to review some salary expectations, as the wages are quite low compared to Europe and the US.

As a foreigner you should target multinational headquarters. Not only are they usually much bigger and therefore willing to help you with your work permit, but they also might pay you more than a local company.

You can also work for NGO’s originating in your home country or international organizations. To do so, check their websites or the website of the City of Knowledge  where most of them are concentrated.

Language schools sometimes offer work opportunities to foreigners, but it is hard to find a full-time job. If you have experience you may be able to build a private client base. Check with other expats to find contacts. For more information take a look at the language schools in our language section.

You could also contact private recruitment agencies such as Adecco  or Manpower  for instance, but they usually specialize in short-term contracts and you cannot expect a good wage.

 As in many countries, networking is very important for finding a job in Panama. Since the expat community is quite large in Panama City, you will probably hear about many open positions through word-of-mouth.

Besides knowledge from other expats, you could search in the classified sections of Panamanian newspapers:

You could also search for a job before you even arrive in Panama via the Internet. Here are some of the popular job-sites:

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