How to get Internet at home


Internet is widely available throughout Panama. Though there is access almost everywhere, there are different levels of connection speeds.

Around Panama City and other major cities, such as Colon and David, you will easily find high-speed cable Internet providers. In more remote areas, you might need to consider other types of Internet connections. If you cannot access a connection through DSL or cable, then you might have to go for a more expensive solution, such as satellite Internet access.

The most popular Internet providers in Panama are the following:

In Panama, Internet providers have plans that vary according to Internet speeds, from 1 to 5Mb, according to customers' needs. Depending on the plan that you choose, you might have to pay around $15 for an installation fee.

Regarding the payment options, most Internet providers offer you different options to settle your monthly payment, such as directly with the company, through payment centres, supermarkets and stores, deposits to the provider's bank account, or online.

In Panama, you can also find many cybercafés where you can pay per hour or per minute to use a computer with Internet access. You might also have free access to Internet through Wi-Fi hot spots in many hotels, cafes, restaurants, malls, universities and airports.

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