Why do business in Peru?

The benefits of setting up a business

Why do business in Peru?

For the past ten years, Peru’s economy has been one of the fastest growing in Latin America and has grown on average by 6.4% per year since 2002. If this growth continues, the country looks set to overtake rival economies such as Chile, Colombia and South Africa.

Peru’s currency, the Nuevo Sol, has fluctuated less wildly than other Latin American currencies over the past few years and was affected comparatively mildly by the downturn of the US dollar.

Even better news for those wishing to set up in Peru are the findings of the Doing Business’ 2013 report , in which the World Bank ranked Peru 43rd of 183 nations for ease of doing business - the criteria included how easy it was to start a business, deal with construction permits, register property and obtain credit.

If tourism is the industry you’re in, then there are few more attractive places in the world to set up. Peru receives 2.8 million tourists annually and is a magnet with sights like Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Nazca lines and the Amazon jungle to see. Tours, especially aimed at westerners, are lucrative business here.

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