Money transfers

Transferring money to and from Peru

Money transfers

Transferring money to and from Peru can be an expensive task, however it is a fast way of getting your money from abroad.

There are numerous transfer agents operating in Peru that are often cheaper than going through Peruvian banks. When transferring large amounts of money to and from the country, these agents are preferred as they charge less for bigger amounts.

Money transfer agencies operating in Peru

For fast transfers, it is recommended you to go through a money transfer agent such as Western Union. With proof of identity, the receiver can receive the money at an agency office in their country.

Here are a list of major transfer offices operating in the country:

Xoom  - This transfer agency only handles transfers from the US. Although not as well known, it is efficient and money can be picked up at any branch of Banco Continental, Banco de Credito or Interbank in Peru. Website and instructions are listed in English.

MoneyGram  - You can use MoneyGram  services at Banco Azteca, Elektra, Banco Financiero del Peru, Perú Express, Banco de La Nacion, Interbank, Elektra Del Peru SA, FENACREP Carsa and anywhere with the MoneyGram sign.

Western Union (Serviban)  - Western Union operates under the name Serviban in the country. With around 500 offices in Lima alone, this is a popular choice for quick international money transfers.

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