Festivals in the Philippines

What are the most popular festivals?

Festivals in the Philippines

Fiestas (festivals) are a part of Philippine culture and every city in the Philippines has its own festival. There are hundreds of festivals across the country, but which ones are the must-sees?

Dinagyang, Iloilo City

Dinagyang is one of the most famous cultural festivals in the Philippines that involves traditional folk dances and music, it’s held on the fourth Sunday of January each year. This festival is celebrated to honor Santo Niño and the arrival of Malay settlers on the island. People all over the world visit his colourful and loud drumbeat festival.

Kadayawan Festival, Davao city

Kadayawan Festival is celebrated to honour life, and give thanks for the gift of nature and wealth of culture. Kadayawan is derived from the word madayaw which is a friendly and warm greeting.

Kadayawan is celebrated on the streets with street-dancing competitions, floral floats, fresh flowers, street parties and exhibits. This festival is held in the third week of August and it also celebrates a good harvest of fruits and orchids.

Kinabayo Festival, Dapitan City

Kinabayo Festival is a colourful and exotic pageant where they re-enact the Spanish-Moorish wars, especially the Battle of Covadonga where the Spanish had their first victor against the moors since they conquered the Iberian peninsular. It is celebrated on St James’ feast day, July 25.

Ati-atihan Festival, Kalibo, Panay Island

The Ati-Atihan Festival is considered to be one of the wildest festivals in the Philippines that lasts for two weeks from the 3-16 January. It celebrates Santo Niño (the infant Jesus). The faces of the participants are painted black and they wear conspicuous outfits as they dance in the streets.

Panagbenga Festival, Baguio city

This is a month long flower festival, held in the summer capital of the Philippines every February. Panagbenga Festival showcases local dances, flower inspired costumes and many floral floats as well.

Masskara Festival, Bacolod

Masskara Festival is held every third October in Bacolod. The festival consists of food-fairs, dance competitions, mask-making competitions, brass-band performances, eating contests and pageants.

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