Finding accommodation

Where to search

Finding accommodation

If you are intent on finding your own accommodation then a combined search of agencies, the Internet and classifieds is the best option. The Philippine population is increasing rapidly and competition for real estate can be fierce so starting your search early is a good idea.

An Internet search

An Internet search is a good way to get an idea of the average price you will pay for what you want and you can avoid agency fees by searching on your own. Here are some of the most popular online property portals:  - This is a worldwide housing portal but has over 900 properties for rent in the Philippines. You can search by housing type; beach-front, apartment, gated community etc. There is a good advanced search option with region, area and price to narrow down your listings.  - This is an online property portal with housing all around the Philippines. You can search by property type and then by location. Has a range of prices  - Offers a service specifically for expats looking for short- or long-term rentals, flat-shares and serviced apartments. They don’t have a huge range of property for the Philippines, but it is increasing.


Many national and local newspapers have a classifieds property section. Lots of Philippine daily newspapers are published exclusively in English and are a great way to start your housing search once you are in the country. The following papers have a wide circulation and good classifieds section:

  • The Manila Times
  • The Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Sun Star Cebu


A good source of information and possible leads on accommodation is expats currently in the area you want to move to. They generally welcome new expats and are happy to help out with advice. They will be able to tell you the safe areas to live and perhaps put you in contact with local property owners looking to rent their apartments, or even expats leaving whose rental contracts you may be able to take over.


Once in the country you can visit local rental agents in person. They will have a good knowledge of what’s available in the local area and then be able to assist you personally. The advantage of an agent is that they do all the groundwork and will deal with landlords for you, hopefully obtaining the best deal. To find a reputable agent ask around in expat communities.

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