Free things to do in Warsaw

No need to pay to enjoy

Free things to do in Warsaw

Sure, you’ll have to pop your wallet open eventually and pay for museums at some point, but there are plenty of things to see and do in Warsaw that require absolutely no investment meaning you can spend your spare change on knedle or pierogi.

Walking through the city of Warsaw you will realise that there are hundreds of attractions that you can enjoy without having to pay. Here are five things you can do in the beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland’s largest city and capital, for free.

Lazienki Park

During the summer, Lazienki Park and its gardens are the perfect place for strolling around and enjoying music. Every Sunday, you can enjoy free piano concerts covering Chopin’s greatest masterpieces.

The Royal Route

The Royal Route stretches for approximately 11 km, and all you’ll need are a pair of comfortable shoes and your camera. It starts at Warsaw’s Old Town, and it takes you past many sights like Lazienki Park, some Baroque churches, the Royal Palace (where you can also get involved with more free activities) and a unique shopping experience in Krakowskie Przedmiescie.

The Royal Palace

Although entrance to the Royal Palace is not free (except on Sundays), there is one exhibition displayed in the basement entitled From Destruction to Reconstruction, outlining the Palace’s history that is free of charge throughout the week.

Go to the beach!

You’re right, Warsaw is nowhere near the ocean. However, there is a rare occurrence known as “river beaches” where natural river banks create a beach-like environment. There are three in Warsaw: one near Vistula, another near Poniatowskiego Bridge and the last one is right next to the Lazienkowski Bridge. You can reach these river banks by bike or along the path.

Visit a museum

There are plenty of museums throughout Warsaw and many of them are free on certain days. You can visit the Warsaw Rising Museum (free on Sundays) to learn about the struggle in Poland in 1944 after the Nazi invasion. Additionally, you can visit one of the oldest museums in Poland, the National Museum (free on Tuesdays). Lastly, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews follows their turbulent history through time. This last museum, although no longer permitting free entry for the general public, students, elderly people and teachers can take advantage of their status and enter for free.

Warsaw is a large city steeped in history, art, culture and gastronomy. While not everything is free, you can still enjoy the beautiful stories they tell. Walking around the city you will discover the Polish lifestyle until you become one of them. Sometimes you will have to spend money to see some attractions, but it’s well worth it.

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