Buying property in Portugal

Benefit from a professionalizing market

Buying property in Portugal

The number of people selecting Portugal to buy a property is increasing. The Portuguese property market is becoming more professional and more transparent due to new and innovative ways of publishing information and making information more accessible. As a result, at present buying property in Portugal is easier then ever.

The number of people interested in buying property abroad is increasing. People are also broadening their horizon and are becoming aware of the opportunities Internet has to offer. Anybody with access to a computer and Internet connection has the ability to search and find the property of their dreams, even without seeing it.

Mediterranean countries are especially popular. Until recently France was the premier country concerning international property transactions, but recently other Southern European countries are becoming immensely popular. Especially Portugal is seen as an upcoming market and it looks like Portugal is becoming the new favourite amongst international property searchers. Property prices in Portugal are significantly lower than, for example, France. This makes a big difference when looking for overseas property and it is the prime reason why an increasing amount of people buy Portuguese property, creating entire villages consisting of “outsiders”.

Internet provides the opportunity of finding information regarding the property itself (such as the size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether it has a garage or garden, terrace or balcony) and additional information regarding for example mortgages and international relocation services. As the international property market has become an online market the companies offering related services are becoming well aware of the online opportunities. Nowadays all the major companies are easily found on the internet providing services such as mortgages, international insurances, legal advice or international movers.

The services related to the process of buying property in Portugal are becoming increasingly professional and more specialised at the same time. As a result there are many professionals who are specialised in assisting you in the entire process of looking for property, buying the property, taking care of the legal part, financing your new property and moving you to your new home in Portugal, all having their own expertise.

Improved communication methods, like Internet, make the international property market more fluid, professional and specialised every day. Buying property in Portugal is close to being just as easy as buying property within your own country.

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