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  • If you are interested in learning portuguese I know a school in Estoril that teaches languages, not only portuguese but also japanese, arabian, russian, swedish, french, dutch, german, english and even mandarin (chinese). The adress is Av. Portugal 616 C 2765-272 Estoril

    22 Oct 2007, 12:12 Alfons
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  • portuguese language

    Some info on the Portuguese Language here

    Derek Harper 22 Jan 2008, 02:15 - Report
  • Oporto

    Do anyone know if there is english speaking classes lurning portuguese? I´m norwegian so there´s no hope there but perhaps in english?

    Birgitte 07 May 2008, 05:18 - Report
  • Portuguese Lessons

    Dear Brigitte,

    I am a portuguese teacher. My experience is long, and I know english. If you want you can contact me.
    e-mail adress: [email removed]

    Best Regards,


    Cristina Vasconcelos 15 May 2008, 08:28 - Report
  • Portuguese language and culture for foreigners

    Lear or Improve your Portuguese

    Location - We are located in a very central area (between Picoas and Marquês de Pombal)

    How much? - €90 / month (1,5h/day - 2 times/week) or €9/each hour (good discounts for groups of 2 or 3 persons)

    Try it - Visit our place and get your first lesson for free

    (+351) 914350860
    e-mail:[email removed]

    portuguese4you 07 Jun 2008, 09:29 - Report
  • learning Portuguese

    English lady recently settled near Ericeira wishes Portuguese tuition... can only afford €10 hour.

    Valerie 05 Jul 2008, 05:06 - Report
  • portugese lessen

    hallo, ik wil graag verder met mijn Portugees, heb net de cursus o principío gedaan op internet, maar zoek eigenlijk een groep,, met leraar uiteraard ,,om mijn spreekvaardigheid te verbeteren.Het liefst omstreken van Utrecht.

    Bep de Bree-Sabee 09 Sep 2008, 10:59 - Report
  • Goede en goedkope taalschool in Salvador, Brazilie

    Ik heb een goede en goedkope taalschool in Salvador gevonden waar ik op dit moment portugese lessen volg, naast portuguese lessen kun je ook samba, capoeira en cultuurlessen volgen. We doen ook elke week een excursie, ik heb hier echt leuke mensen leren kennen en ik kan de school echt aanraden. de website is: www.dcbrazil.com
    Ik hoop dat ik iemand ermee kan helpen.


    Lena 13 Oct 2008, 09:53 - Report
  • Portuguese Lessons

    If you want to learn Portuguese, I suggest that you contact Cristina Vasconcelos. Her e-mail is [email removed]

    I have lessons with her, and I am very pleased with her way of teaching.

    Paul Allen

    Paul Allen 17 Oct 2008, 07:31 - Report
  • Portuguese

    I am currently leaving in Austria and would like to move to Lisbonne in March. I´m looking for a school to have the oportunity to study, work and have a place to stay there, could you help me to find it? Thanks! Marion

    Marion 21 Nov 2008, 08:11 - Report
  • I trade German and/or greek language lessons for portuguese.

    I am 33 years old male and I am moving to Portugal , to Lisbon 21.12.2008. I am going to stay there at least 1 year and I would like to find someone to teach me portuguese.
    I am Greek, but I am a german language teacher.
    So, if you are interested to learn Greek or German for free....just get in touch with me !
    [email removed]

    Makis from Greece 05 Dec 2008, 11:57 - Report
  • Arabic

    I just came across this site, it's my first time, and i saw people offering their experiences, or looking to learn a language.
    i'm Arabe i live in Portugal, and i can offer my experience to anybody who wants to learn Arabe.i know a little bit of Portugues, English and French.
    my e_mail is: [email removed]

    Omar 18 Jan 2009, 01:00 - Report
  • Hi !!

    I found this website to throw searching. I am looking some website to learn Portuguese but i am not able to find good one.I don't know where i can start to learn it.does any one here to help new language learner?If any one, here is my address:[email removed] and [email removed]
    hope get some mail and i can help any people who wants to learn Nepali language.
    Thank you.

    Prem 21 Feb 2009, 06:10 - Report
  • Portuguese Lessons in Tábua


    For foreigner people in the area of Tábua, I would like to inform that Portuguese lessons will star in about 1 or 2 months (need to have at least 10 students), inscriptions are being accepted.
    These lessons are for free. They are provided by the government.
    The lessons will happen in the secondary school of Tábua (near the hotel).I just can’t inform you at the moment for how long, but I will check that and inform soon as I know something.
    If you are interested contact me: [email removed]

    Anna Katty 18 Mar 2009, 05:51 - Report
  • learn portuguese

    in lingueo you can learn portuguese or an other language, for only 10 euros, with natives

    alunalina 01 Apr 2009, 11:14 - Report
  • . . .

    I'm bralizian and I love Lisboa and New York! and if you want learn portuguese is only you add me in messenger is [email removed]. Thank you!

    Amesson 15 Jul 2009, 04:34 - Report
  • portugese lessen

    Hallo. Ik ben Michelle, en woon in Portimao, in het Algarve. Als u in het Algarve woont, kan ik u Portugees leren. Ik ben halve Portugees, dus u kunt mij vertrouwen dat ik u de juiste Portugees leert! happy Voor meer informatie bel (00351) 969 841 579 of e-mail me naar [email removed]. success**

    Michelle Fernandes 28 Jul 2009, 08:48 - Report
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