Job hunting

Looking and applying for a job in Portugal

Job hunting

If you are looking for a job in Portugal, you should be aware of the best ways of finding employment.

The internet is the easiest way of finding employment nowadays. There are several useful sites that provide users with daily job offers. You will need to create a free account with the website in order to apply for the jobs available.

When searching a job it can be useful to register your CV with a job agency like Adecco  or Hays . Agencies have access to many job announcements and they can contact you if they feel you are suitable for a job vacancy.

Jobs can also be found by looking at the job section of newspapers. The Portugal News  is an online English language newspaper which lists many jobs opportunities.

How to apply for a job in Portugal

Once you have found a job offer, you should take some time in preparing your application. Most employers require a well written cover letter with a copy of your CV.

Cover letter (Carta de apresentação): Cover letters should be typed and should be no longer than one A4 sheet. Your cover letter should include your name, nationality, and contact information.

CV (curriculum): You should include your full name (primeiro nome/sobrenome), date of birth (data de nascimento), Place of birth (local de nascimento), nationality (nacionalidade), marital status (estado civil), address (endereço), telephone number and email. Your CV must also have a passport sized photograph attached.

It is not unusual for job applicants to have CVs that are longer than one page. However, try not to make your CV too long (three to four pages maximum). When you are presenting your employment and education history, it is usual to present it in reverse chronological order.

A Portuguese interview

If your application is successful you should take some time to prepare the interview. Portuguese businesses conduct similar interviews to the rest of Europe - punctuality and smart dress is essential. It is advisable to take a copy of your CV along, but make sure it is a clean and un-crumpled sheet of quality paper.

A Portuguese interview will begin with a formal handshake at which point you will give your surname but without using your title. You must not address an interviewee by their first name, use their title and surname unless they ask you to refer to them differently.

After an interview you should write a letter to the company, thanking them for their time. Do not expect to hear back for some time - Portugal tends to work very slowly.

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