Easy Manpower Recruitment From Kenya

  • Am a Kenyan recruitment agency and am looking for interested Qatar Based recruitment agencies to partner with our Firm which is based in Nairobi Kenya. We can supply huge numbers of staffs to Middle East and Qatar with the following categories of staffs.Kenya has one of the most sought human resources in the world with excellent communication skills.

    1. Hotel staff
    2. Heavy Truck Drivers
    3. Heavy Machine Operators
    4. Mechanics
    5. Skilled workers
    6. Non Skilled workers
    7. Nurses and Medical related staff
    8. Teachers and many more

    We can be contacted at or +254720378127.

    15 Oct 2008, 04:11 Richard Kihumba Mwanu
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  • job enquiries

    how doi get a job in quatar ? what are the requirements?

    lawrence 30 Oct 2008, 02:42 - Report
  • Procurement and Logistics

    Need a placement

    Richard Nyaoke 29 Nov 2008, 03:58 - Report
  • employment in quatar

    my name is Ayodeji Shobukola,presently working with Federal tax office in Nigeria as Admin Officer,an Higher Diploma Holder in Bussiness A deministraction,32yrs of Age.I need assistance of your Employment Agency to get a job in quatar.here is my email add;

    AYODEJI GEORGE SHOBUKOLA 08 Dec 2008, 11:50 - Report
  • hhhaaaaa

    watu i smell a rat if u cant find a recruter what kind of contracts will u give pple and if they are in arabic can u translate have u got any idea how migrant workers live think before u leap pple

    mama murish 27 Dec 2008, 10:31 - Report
  • Recruitment me

    I am a muslim indian man i am currently looking for work,i have the ability to work for longer hours,i adopt in any given enviroment,hornest and God fearing came first i am looking forward from you

    Aamir ikram 17 Jan 2009, 01:06 - Report
  • looking for a job in qatar

    I am a kenyan married lady looking for a job in qatar my husband has just gone there and I would like to get a job there to join him I am trained in sales and marketing with a bias in computor, I can work in any condition, and can work in any other field because I am a fast learner. my email address is rngunyi20022YAHOO.CO.UK

    RUTH NGUNYI 13 Mar 2009, 08:33 - Report
  • Looking for an engineering Job

    I am currently Working as an engineer here in Kenya. I would like to Get a well paying job in Qatar. I specialize in Infrared Thrmography, Vibration analysis, Reliability Systems, Asset managements amongst others. Can also analys bearing failures and advise, Mount and dismount bearings using the right tool during maintenance.
    Computer litrate. I also have knowledge in power transmission i.e Belts, Pulleys, Chains, Bushse amongst others.

    Ochola 14 Jul 2009, 09:49 - Report
  • manpower supply from nepal

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Warm Greetings From Kalinchok Manpower Consult (P.) Ltd. !!!

    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Kalinchok Manpower Consult (P.) Ltd. and the services. we are offering to our valued clients.

    Kalinchok Manpower Consult is a legally registered company duly authorized and licensed by the Labour Ministry of the Nepal with License No. 203/057/58 to recruit, hire and process workers for various principals overseas since long time ago .

    Our Agency is staffed with professional Interviewers and competent Employees equipped with 12 years of experience in recruitment of manpower of various skills from professional down to skilled and non-skilled workers for Principals in the Gulf and Middle East countries. Our agency specializes in the fields.
    1.Civil / Electrical Engineers22.Cooks (continental, Chinese, Indian)
    2.Mechanical/ HVAC Engineers23.Security Guards (Armed & Civilian)
    3.Civil / Electrical Supervisors24.Security, Supervisor,(Armed Civilian)
    4.Mechanical/HVAC Supervisors25.Heavy Drivers (GCC holder & non GCC)
    5.Quality Supervisors 26.Light Driver
    6.Steel Fixer27.Labors
    7.Finishing Carpenter28.Sales man / Girl
    8.Shuttering Carpenter29.Accountant
    9.Mason30.Store Keeper
    12.Pipe Fitter33.Laundry boy
    13.A/C Technician34.Cleaner / Housekeeping
    14.Insulator 35.Security & safety Instructor
    15.Duct man36.Diesel mechanics
    16.Welder37.Auto mechanics
    17.Steel Fabricator38.Gardener
    18.Scaffolder 39.Room boy
    19.Waiters40.Dozer operators
    20.Denter 41.Painters
    21.Auto Electricians 42.Factory workers

    In the passage of time, we have been proved as one of the reputed agency through our quality services to our overseas clients. We can supply you all sort of candidates from unskilled, semi skilled to skilled labours as per your requirements. Kalinchok Manpower have recruited 20000 workers overseas. So far we have been successful in recruiting professional, skilled, semi skilled and skilled manpower in various countries like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait.

    Till now we have been recruiting the manpower in maney more companies in Malaysia, ,Qatar, , Saudi Arabia , ,UAE, ,Bahrain and ,Kuwait . Lebnon , Oman and Yeman bassically Gulf country.

    We are fully computerized Agency with Local Area Network system (LAN) where all movements related to recruitment are all monitored in the computers. It was implemented to drastically cut the time consumed in all aspects of recruitment activities. Our correspondence, documentation, deployment report and other related matters with regards to recruitment are meticulously and systematically filed and retrieved from the computers.

    Hereunder is the step-by-step processing/monitoring of documents:


    It is our operating procedure to continuously man pool applicants of different trades. These applicants are being interviewed/evaluated by our Interviewers who have long and extensive work experience in the Middle East; and are systematically encoded in our computerized databank. Upon receipt of manpower requirements from our clients, we can easily initiate sending telegrams to our applicants to report for final evaluation and further instructions. Any categories which are not available in our databank will be generated by all means such as :

    1. Advertising in widely circulated newspaper/s;
    2. Radio announcement;
    3. Coordinating with the Labour Office for provincial recruitment;
    4. We also have Trusted Agents ;
    5. Directly contacting different companies where qualified applicants can be sourced.


    Our applicants are subject to an oral and in-house written examination. In most cases, we evaluate them based on the specifications required by our clients. Some applicants in the skilled level are subjected to an actual test in order to justify their practical know-how conducted by a reliable and experienced Trade Test Centers such as Diversified, Century, Executive, among others.


    If requested, our company can select your manpower based on the specifications provided. In this case, we take full responsibility of the workers' qualifications within the three (3) months probationary period. However, if employer intends to send their representative to conduct the final interview and selection, we pre-screened and line-up applicants, at least, three (3) times of the actual requirements.

    In our Recruitment System, we allot three (3) months probationary period to assess the qualifications and capacity of an employee in his respective work/post.


    Once applicants are selected, we assist them in processing the require documents (Passport, Police Clearance, Medical Examination, Driving License, and others) to expedite their deployment. We have very competent Liaison Officer who can facilitate quick release of said documents.

    Moreover, we also have strong contacts with Labour department to expedite the processing of our worker's exit clearance.


    We update the status of our client's recruits by communicating to them any relevant detail/inquiry via fax or e-mail in weekly basis and whenever called for. While your inquiries are attended to with utmost precision and promptness.


    Our clients can either send PTA Tickets or make a transfer for local purchased tickets based on the prevailing rate. Conditions of the purchased tickets locally can be mutually negotiated.


    In our effort to minimize unnecessary tragedies among our workers, our company indispensably provide an informative orientation seminar as a guidance on their personal conduct and awareness of the cultural, social norms and laws and regulations of the host country of destination.


    The flight schedules of our workers are intimated to our clients three (7) days in advance. Any changes will be notified immediately.


    After the project has been completed, we submit a detailed summary report to our clients that includes Visa and Ticket utilization.


    We deploy our workers within 10 to 20 days subject to availability of worker's visa.


    Whatever your Manpower requirements might be, we respectfully invite you to consult our very professional agency. We believe that you will be attracted and encouraged by our reasonable and flexible policy, that is,Kalinchok Manpower Consult (P)Ltd.

    Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Please find here our contact address and telephone numbers for your easy reference.

    Very truly yours,

    Prem Kumar Bantawa
    Mngr Marketing
    Kalinchok Manpower (P)Ltd.
    Dhobighat, Ringroad
    Lalitpore Nepal
    Gvt.Regd. No 203/57/58
    Tel: +977-1-Fax: +977-1-55 46 420
    Cell: +977-9849286858

    Prem Kumar Rai 22 Jul 2009, 01:33 - Report

    Benin Office: Lot: 58 Rue De Aeroport Cotonou Republique Du Benin
    Labour Consultant: www.timesjob.com


    We specialize career moves for professional engaged in the Different Job sectors.

    Interestingly, most of our clients are not actively looking for a new job, but are keen to consider the right opportunity. We listen carefully to what is important to you with regard to career, family and lifestyle..

    We then use our connections and investigative skills to identify interesting opportunities that meet your criteria. Some of the moves we engineer are’ in-country, but the vast majority are international placements (world wide) with some of the best companies in the industry.

    Nomsak Recruitment Agency; with the mandate to recruit expatriate services employees` for the fulfilment of the requirements of TOTAL "GAS FLARING PROJECT in Republique Du Benin, seek to write your consent after recommendation from our labour consultants recent expatriate vacancies with our client.

    TOTAL intends to invite prime experienced individuals/expatriates capable of rendering Different expertise services.


    * A very attractive net salary paid in United States Dollars
    * Quality single or family housing accommodation in company community.
    * Free medical care in Republique Du Benin for employee and family..
    * Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status employment.
    * Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holiday travel.
    * Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.
    * Full access to some of the finest and social recreational facilities
    in République Du Bénin.


    Level 1: 12 Months, (One Year) and renewably only on satisfactory performance by employee.

    Level 2: Full time

    Interested candidates must have not less than 2 years experience in any of the fields you list.

    Interested candidates should forward his/her Resumes/CV with verifiable reference(s) as word attached document to our Authorized Recruiters:

    Yours at Service
    Dr. Frank Kwesi
    Human Resource / Employment Relations
    Plot: 181 Zone Des Ambassade


    NOMSAK RECRUITMENT SERVICES 28 Jul 2009, 03:46 - Report
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