business etiquette in Qatar

  • Hi everyone,

    I want to start my own business in Qatar. Is there anything to take account of during business meeting?


    28 May 2007, 09:33 Sam
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  • behavioural rules

    Hi Sam,

    there are a few important behavioural rules:

    Arab meeting settings in Qatar vary but it is best to be prepared. In many instances, you may be meeting with an expatriate executive and the meeting will follow standard international practice.

    Some of the characteristics of Arab meetings in Qatar are:

    * Your host may interrupt the meeting at any time to answer any one of a number of phones, fixed and mobile, or respond to an assistant seeking a signature or advice
    * Other people may enter the meeting—often quite unrelated to your business. This is part of the accessible nature of Arab society. Adopt a passive role, unless you are invited into the conversation
    * Remain unaffected by what you perceive to be interruptions—be patient and await an appropriate opportunity to resume your presentation
    * Other interruptions may occur—a call to prayer or a side conversation with another visitor
    * Arabs place a great deal of emphasis on words—sometimes as a substitute for action. Be prepared for expansive conversations
    * Avoid comments on politics
    * Never exhibit impatience or tension if the meeting is not following your expectations
    * Do not look for western style structure in meetings—particularly a direct flow of discussion topics
    * Make sure you keep your three ‘must win’ points in play during the meeting. Do not get distracted from your objectives by what, in the Arab world, are standard meeting dynamics
    * Develop a negotiating style that is calm but firm
    * Sincerity and trust are the primary factors your host will be looking for when assessing your company as a business partner.

    Chester 28 May 2007, 09:36 - Report

    I read in teh "starting a Business" page that we must consult a good lawyer who will guide us through the registration complexities and his help will be vital. Can anyone recommend any good lawyers whom I can get in touch?

    lulu 31 Jul 2007, 07:39 - Report
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  • bussines

    i want to make clothes store such as my store in egypt but i need someone to help my in qater

    mohamed zakria 04 Dec 2007, 10:15 - Report

    i can help you in doha...u can also have biz in Malaysia...I can work with you...

    xangolan 14 Dec 2007, 05:01 - Report
  • looking qataris biz partners

    we can do biz in Kuala Lumpur and Doha..A lot of Arabic are doing biz in my country and like wise ..LOOKING for BIZ PARTNER now....pls response...

    xangolan Malaysia 14 Dec 2007, 05:07 - Report
  • information about musiness in qatar

    i want to make clothes store made in italy, but i vould like someone to help my in qater.

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    sarah 16 Apr 2008, 11:23 - Report
  • want to start business in qatar

    want to start business in the fields of information technology, and textiles even interested to set up a readymade textile industry. need a partner from qatar
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    Syed Ahmedullah 14 Aug 2008, 04:06 - Report
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