Christianity in Qatar

  • I might be moving to Qatar next year. I am a Christian and want to know if that´s ´safe´ or not. I wouldnt be out preaching, just doing my own bible study at home. Are there any places where Christians are allowed to gather?

    18 Aug 2006, 08:09 Anonymous
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  • christianity in qatar

    there are lots of churches in doha, the main one being the catholic church at the american school, and all religions are allowed to meet and perform rituals. the constuction of the actual church building is still tied up in beurocracy, but people of any faith are free to practice their religion and most people do, in prayer halls of their own group.
    ask around after you come here, and you'll learn of the place where people of your faith go to.

    Anonymous 13 Oct 2006, 03:39 - Report
  • Great to hear you are moving to Qatar

    It is a a country with reasonable freedom to worship at home and in state allowed churches(but no interference in the proceeding of the church).
    Preaching to the locals
    is prohibited by law. But if we being christians should not fear any earthly law

    Anonymous 01 Jan 2007, 07:25 - Report
  • Churches in Doha


    My family and I are moving to Qatar in the near future. Like to know some good Christ-Centered, Bible Based churches.

    Coming to Doha 04 Apr 2007, 01:28 - Report
  • Churches in Qatar


    Qatar is a very nice and homely place to live, as long as you have the right employment. There are quite a number of bible oriented churches are available. The biggest one is Catholic as usual. There is no church compound or any particular permitted location allocated to have all the churches, people are gathering in school halls and places of their own especially on Fridays. Though it is not legally permitted, there are no major objections from Govt. or other Islamic orders as long as we don’t disturb the community or violate the country and Islamic regulations. Qatari’s are wonderful people, very loving, generous and kind. May God bless Qatar more and more as they have been real blessings to all of us.

    Niroshi Thuring 31 Aug 2007, 03:24 - Report
  • Progress of Christianity in Doha

    I will be going to Qatar for an initial two year assignment. I am an engineer. What is the current status of Christianity? Are there bible centered churches other than catholic? Today is 16Sep2008.

    Danilo 16 Sep 2008, 02:05 - Report
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