Needed: Part-Time Purchasing Agents in Qatar

  • Hi.

    Our client is in need of Part-Time/Full Time Purchasing Agents from Middle East Countries particularly: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Turkey, Egypt, Syria & Lebanon.

    Details of the Job is as follows;

    in Middle East Countries

    Brief Background:

    Our client is an American company operating in several countries in the educational field. We are currently searching for new purchasing agents in
    your market to partner with us in developing new sources of supply.

    Due to the peculiarity of the job we prepare every agent to perform the required tasks through specific training sessions where we’ll be giving a
    more extensive background on the business and will be coaching negotiations techniques for the optimal performance of the tasks.

    Minimum Requirements:

    Knowledge of English Language (comfortable to communicate in English)
    Fluency in the local language
    Negotiation skills
    Access to phones, computers and internet
    Knowledge of the local market (how to negotiate in the local culture)
    Computer literate and familiar with office routines (mail, email, files, Microsoft tools)
    Presently based in a Middle East country.

    Desired Requirements:
    The person should preferably have an established company that would perform the business transactions or should know local companies that could work as exporting/importing company.

    Workload – Time
    An average of 10 hours per week performing activities such as: phone calls, emails, file, and eventual visits to distributors, bookstores and book fairs.
    2 or 3 days of full time training to be held in a country to be defined.

    Obs: 1) The first weeks of the business set up, it might be necessary a few more hours per week. 2) Considering that many of the routine tasks can be
    performed after or before regular business hours, the agent can be involved in other activities or jobs.

    Remuneration is always discussed personally by our Client Team Managers, however the following statements apply: The agents will be hourly remunerated for the time invested in performing the tasks.

    If there is a company involved in the negotiation (either if the company belongs or not to the agent), the goods traded through this company will receive a mark up to cover the operational costs.

    FOR INQUIRIES & APPLICATION SUBMISSION, Please send email addressed to our Recruitment Division at

    You may also YM me at

    17 Jul 2006, 05:43 Anonymous
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  • hello i am abdul qayoom

    aslam o alikum
    i am abdul qayoom from pakistan,
    lookinf for job in Qatr
    exepereance: 4 year exeperience in news paper as a computer opretor.

    Abdul Qayoom Ansari 10 Oct 2008, 05:59 - Report
  • job in Qatar

    i am kumar
    looking for job in Qatar

    kumar 10 Oct 2008, 09:58 - Report
  • job in Qatar

    i am kumar
    looking for job in Qatar

    kumar 10 Oct 2008, 09:59 - Report
  • looking english language teaching jobs in qatar

    i have done Ma english and have 10 years experience in teaching oxford and cambridege universities courses. aslo taught in Pakistan Navy as english langauge instructor upto 4 years.i have also done homoeopathic medical course.

    doctor, muhammad mukarram shaikh 18 Oct 2008, 07:05 - Report
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