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  • Which is the cheapest RELIABLE car rental company in Doha?

    29 Sep 2008, 02:05 Phil
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  • cheapest housing rate

    how much the cheapest housing rental in qatar?

    utoyski 10 Dec 2008, 02:19 - Report
  • Looking For a Car Rental

    Does anyone know of any good car rental companies that give long term rental discounts? Gonna need a car for at least six months.
    My name is Cameron Sharpe CEO of I am running a dating website. I am travelling to many places to expand my business and I'm looking for a better rental car deal. If you have any information & want to share with me.
    My email id is
    [email removed]
    I welcome you to visit my website at

    Cameron Sharpe 23 Mar 2009, 06:31 - Report

    This is a Rigestered company with the ministry of Trade and
    Industry of Goverment of Ugand. It was Registereddue to its
    involvement in Contractual constructional undertakings, water
    installation, agriculture, employement services for both local and
    internationally in collaborations withpaterner companies abroad,
    In the late 1990s , it was registered with the Ministry of labour
    in abid to offer employement opportunities to qualified and
    semi-skilled workers in all fields of the human endeavours in
    Uganda and also internationally as need may advise
    Uganda like other counteries of Dragon States and also those
    found in the Asian Tiggers and China have alot of skilled and semi-
    skilled workers that are exported to contries like Afaghanistan and
    Iraq currently.
    However, owe company has remarkable experience in the employment
    service industry that would undebatably be used once it works out
    new contracts with any more companies as you would deem fit.
    Does your company have service employment needs such that we work -
    out modalities and terms of reference with you.
    Especially we are supplying workers in Supermarket & Shopping Centre,
    Hotel, Restaurant & Catering, Project, Hospital, Food Company & Dairy,
    Seafood Workers, Factory, Agriculture, Security , Drivers (Heavy, Light)
    & Construction etc. They are all cheap,honest,reliable and hard-working.
    Looking forwatrd to participating with you.
    Yours Faithfully
    Isaac Juuko
    Corporate Manager

    Plot 7 Lumumba Avenue
    P.O.Box 33282
    TEL: 256-759080808
    FAX: 256-414-235763

    juuko isaac 14 Apr 2009, 06:52 - Report
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