I got a Work Visa of Qatar, what are the next steps?

  • I am an Bangladeshi, got a Qatar Work Visa. Can anyone please let me know the step by step guide to enter in Qatar. my question are like:

    Got a Work Visa in Qatar (yes)

    1. What I shall do now as my next step?
    a) shall I do a medical test in my native? what are the test I have to do? Is there any authorized medical test center by Qatar Govt.?

    b)shall I have go to an Visa Agent?

    c) Shall I have to go Qatar Embassy?

    d)Shall I need a NOC from Bangladesh Manpower Bureau?

    e) Shall I need my birth certificate?

    f) Shall I need my passport size or stamp size photo? How many copies?

    g) OR, only procedure is I can go direct to airport with my visa, passport and the immigration will let me go by check by visa through online?

    please help..

    28 Jun 2008, 09:05 Shariful Arif
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  • work visa

    gud day,
    i applied for a job in qatar and m agency in philippines asked me to complete all the requirements needed.after which they asked me to pay for the said amount for visa processing.after i paid the visa processing the agency at once issued me the visa.
    is this true? that you can have your vissa processed and issued by qatari embassy for ss than aweek

    arnel of philippines 19 Aug 2008, 03:51 - Report

    am a nigerian need a visa to qatar how can i get it?

    wilson mumuni 16 Oct 2008, 02:07 - Report
  • hello wark visa applid for job qatar

    hello am sultan need a visa to qatar how can i get it work viaa .:

    kan 01 Jan 2009, 10:37 - Report
  • Step for work visa

    Please find below answer of your question

    1. Pre-employment medical tests at any official clinic nearest to you – should be written by English. The tests should include:
    Chest / Lungs X-ray
    Blood Tests for HIV, Hepatitis and Blood Sugar
    Eye Test.
    A medical certificate indicating that you are "Fit to Work"
    2. Police Clearance Certificate:
    it’s a requirement from Qatar authorities to make you a Residence Visa after your arrival.
    Note: Police clearance certificate required to attest by Foreign Affairs Office.
    If you need more information please feel free to send me email at

    Thanks & regards,

    Zakir Hossain Khan
    Doha – Qatar

    Zakir Hossain Khan 12 Jan 2009, 11:23 - Report
  • medical

    have a job offer 2 work in qatar and i have just received the result of my medical exm (done in my country) and they found out that there is a small "scar" on my lungs. they have told me that they could not permit me to work in qatar because they are so strict about this. they are also asking for my previous xray result for reference.
    what shud i do?
    do i still hve the chance to work in qatar?

    joshi 23 Jan 2009, 09:48 - Report
  • step

    what are the procedure have to do by a person came qatar

    sajad 26 Jan 2009, 12:56 - Report
  • HI

    Iam very any job in qatar but how idonot know

    gasim 10 Feb 2009, 08:32 - Report
  • السلام عليكم

    ابو القاسم 10 Feb 2009, 08:34 - Report
  • Qatar Visa HBV test

    Hi, I am applying for work visa for Qatar in Doha. I am alreay affected with HBV.I am working for engineering job.

    Can anyone tell me ,whether i will get visa if I apply?
    I will be greatful if you give your suggestion please. I am helpless and bit sick about this.

    sujan 20 Feb 2009, 06:39 - Report
  • visa stamping at qatar embassy in the philippines

    it is mandatory that all passport should undergo for visa stamping at qatar embassy in the philippines before they allowed him to go at the airport? please help me regarding this because my agency did not processed it. tnx

    ric 06 Mar 2009, 05:39 - Report
  • just confused

    I applied direct in qatar, but they send for me tourist visa bec. they told me they send like that bec. if they will send employment it will tke long time n too much something reqmts. frm here. I received my tourist visa through my email address and they told me to bring that to qatar embassy Im wondering if I will go there or I will send that through DHL.Please inform me what I need to do more

    Michelle 01 May 2009, 04:32 - Report
  • documents requirements

    what is the procedure after i sent thru DHL my visit visa,NBI clearance,passport and affidavit of support to your embassy here. please reply

    alejandro gapit 20 May 2009, 04:18 - Report
  • I wanna apply visa thru Jusdlanded,


    |What may i have to do for Qatar immdiate visa response, i need immidiately visa at any sector i can work arround there so please make it fast if you can process for me, i am waiting everything thru email:

    Thank You,
    Sidarth Pradhan
    Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Sidarth 30 May 2009, 05:15 - Report
  • We are Manpower supply

    Dear Sir , We are Manpower supply From Nepal; we supply skilled and non-skilled workers for overseas country. Please let us know if you have any required position for Nepalese workers.

    binay 30 May 2009, 12:14 - Report
  • waiting for visa for 5months, remedical for visa stamping

    I got a job offer in Qatar through an agency/recruitment firm last January,also, I finished all the requirements for the visa. Until now, I am still waiting for my visa. It's been 5months now. Would it take that long for a working visa? Then, a week ago, my agency called me and said that I should have re-medical for visa stamping and should for a particular amount for the both. Is that valid or true?
    Need your help and guidance.
    Thanks in advance.

    Jhem from Philippines 01 Jun 2009, 08:27 - Report
  • Can i Come back to Qatar in visit visa??

    I am from india came to Qatar 2 months back in a company visa which is 3 years contract. As per the Offer letter my salary is 2500-3500, but when i finished my 1st month they just paid me 1500.
    Now when i ask them why did you all deducted 1000 riyal from my salary, they said we can only give 1500 if u want u stay otherwise we will give ur passport u can go home.
    i want to know that if i go home, can i come back to qatar in visit visa immediately??

    Mohammed 06 Jun 2009, 11:25 - Report
  • to mohammed

    hi mohammed, if your contract stated that your salary is 2500 and they pay you 1500, you may lodge a complaint to the qatar ministry of labour.

    otherwise if you quit your job you need to ask them for the noc letter without that you are not permitted to get another job in qatar for another 2 years.

    good luck

    Ali 08 Jun 2009, 10:51 - Report
  • working visit visa

    my brother-in-law in qatar got me a working visit visa. is there such a visa? if there is, what are the other requirements in order for me to go to qatar. im from philippines. if there is none, what are then the requirements to go to qatar if i have a visit visa? do i have to get an NBI clearance, medical certificate, and have my TOR, birth certificate be authenticated by DFA? please reply. i have to have the answer today for my brother-in- law wants me to be in qatar by thursday. thank you.

    hudson 14 Jun 2009, 03:13 - Report
  • thaks

    How are you and your family hope fine i really
    , l want you do the visa by next week this
    infrom l send the infrom to your box because you have show
    me a sign of blessing so onces more i will like to
    know more about my issue,pls and pls tell me
    Name-Femi Aleti
    Date of Birth-27/6/1980
    Place of birth-Ibadan Nigeria
    Date of Issue-10/5/2006
    Date of Expirty-9/3/2011
    PasSPORT nO-A2483418

    Passport NO.A3295556A
    Date of Birth-12/5/1987
    Place of Birth-Lagos-Nigeria
    Date of Issue-18/10/2005
    Expirty of Date-18/10/2011

    demi 15 Jun 2009, 02:19 - Report
  • can i get????????

    hi i am daya,iam phsyically challanged person,i got the job in qutar.but in my medicals is ther any problem?????
    but i had a sugery and i am all right now and willing to any work.....i am mechanical engg. graduate....
    i can lift weights.like a normal man..

    is ther any prob to get my work visa

    daya 29 Jun 2009, 06:28 - Report


    MOSHOOD MUHYDEEN 29 Jun 2009, 01:21 - Report
  • To Develop the Industery , tourism, Agriculture

    IaMy aim is to invest ,established,making the
    Trade Fair working yearly.PLs where and how can I Obtain My Visting VISA ?
    1. emali
    2.pho +2348037773642 .
    10 Venn road n Onitsha ,Nigeria
    3. pass port no A1422859

    OKPALAOZUMBA D . OFFOR . 04 Jul 2009, 06:02 - Report
  • i hope to have work visa in qatar

    Work Experience:

    o Job title : Accountant , customer service

    o Employer :the Egyption Kuwaiti for land reclamation co.
    In this company we have a location I was responsible of the account of this location and I send this account to the mother company the location send all its expense and we send the money to them as a replace that is make me an auditor to all the account I have to audit invoices and all expenses it was very good because I have very good team they have good experience so I learn many things we exchange the role .

    Computrend for computer & electronic co.
    As customers accountant . a customer accountant and customers services is interesting I was responsible about sales and after sales so we must do agood service and good treatment . when you tell him about price and make compare to another price customer feel he have agood service . in another side I tell him about products and make him feel good about our product

    Mashal freight
    Sending prices to customers via email and searching about new customers on the internet we let them know show prices and bring to them good imagine about ower
    services . I try to get recent prices and make new show prices to compete they others beside of this I was responsible about the accounts of the employed and their salaries and the account of the office .

    Dealer of ( ADSL ) services
    I have many lines of (adsl ) service and try to sell this lines . when you sell something to someone didn’t know about this service it is difficult . in this way the customers need a lot of things they need good prices and need good services and feedback it was challenge and take a lot of time but it is good when you success so I become an agent of many internet company .

    osama 07 Jul 2009, 12:37 - Report
  • can anyone help me ?

    i got a visa from qatar but i don't have slip of visa so i want to see that vias in net. i have number. can i see my visa by using my visa number in net .

    mohan 23 Jul 2009, 04:48 - Report
  • please help me

    which wavesite shold i use to see my visa in net. i have visa number . please help me . thank you.

    lal bahadur 23 Jul 2009, 04:53 - Report
  • Any job in Qatar Health Centre

    I am BSc (with Chemistry) & Diploma in Health & Sanitary Inspector from NCVT(Delhi), Computer Knowledge as Data Entry. Now I shall be engaged in this post such as Hospital, Municipality, Township, Port, Air Port Hospital etc.
    Bimal Mondal
    Vill+PO- Goal Daha, Krishnagar
    Dist- Nadia, WB-741103, INDIA

    BIMAL MONDAL 23 Jul 2009, 09:11 - Report
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