Getting a mortgage

Financing your Qatar property

Getting a mortgage

As an expat, you may apply for a mortgage in Qatar. Mortgage requirements are rather stringent, although this has been slowly changing as Qatar encourages more foreign investment in designated properties.

The Commercial Bank of Qatar, Doha Bank and HSBC are some of the banks which offer mortgages to expatriates in Qatar. To get these loans, you must hold property in one of the designated freehold or leasehold areas.

Qatar encourages property purchases in some locations more than others (i.e. the designated areas where foreigners can buy), and some mortgage providers will give you incentives on your mortgage. For example, if you were to get a mortgage for a property in The Pearl, you may be eligible for better terms like lower interest rates.

Before banks will allow you to sign anything, they will usually request to see the following documents:

  • property valuation report
  • proof of income
  • passport
  • valid residence permit
  • copy of title deed
  • building insurance

Mortgages for non-national residents can cover up to 80% of the value of the property price (depending on which bank you choose). You will also need to register your mortgage with Qatar's Land Registration Department.

Interest rates

Mortgage interest rates vary by designated area, type of property, and income. For example, in 2010 Qatar Commercial Bank's interest rates started at 7.25% (to be paid over 20 years). For the most up-to-date interest rates, contact a mortgage financier.

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