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How to find a place to live in Romania

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Finding a place to rent in Romania is not too difficult in major cities like Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Sibiu or Iasi. In addition, there is an increasing supply of rentals on the coast. Recent construction on the back of the property boom has increased supply over the last decade.

Both apartments and studios are good options for short term rentals, depending on the price you afford to pay for a night. You can use various companies to help find a place to stay. Most of these agencies accept credit card payments.

Renting for long period

If you are planning to stay a long period, using an agency’s services is the most convenient way to find an apartment or a house to rent. Prices per month start at €300/350 and can reach as much as €2,000 or more, depending on the location, condition and type of property. However, it is beneficial to research the latest price estimates when you are looking for housing. If you want to search independently, then finding a good apartment at the right price before you arrive in Romania is difficult. Landlords prefer to meet tenants before signing a contract and the wide range in quality means it is not advisable to commit to rent a flat "unseen".

If you want to find a good place, then it is really useful (or mandatory in some instances) to have a recommendation because landlords prefer "known" tenants. Talk to friends, family members, classmates, work colleagues, etc. and let them know that you are looking for a place to live. The more people that know you are looking, the higher the chance you will be pointed in the right direction. Remember that you should sign a contract and you should pay attention to the period of rental. Normally the rental period is one year. Be sure to read the contract carefully and ensure everything is clear. Get help and advice if you need it!

Accommodation for students

Students can find cheap accommodation in Bucharest. Comfortable and cozy youth hostels have a range of different types of rooms and facilities. More information and online reservations can be found at: www.hostelromania.com .

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