• Hi! Im a fashion student from Ohio and I was wondering what the current fashion do's and don't are in Russia! Thanks a ton! Bye

    11 Apr 2008, 09:24 Alicia
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  • google is your friend

    Hi Alicia, I googled on it and found the following text, it's really very simple to find something yourself, google is your friend!

    Fashion in Russia

    People wear different winter clothes in Russia. Some of them wear downs, others fur coats and syiting coats. Downs are very comfortable and besides warm. It's very popular between young people. Fashionable and serious people prefer fur coats in common. Fur coats warmer and considerable then downs but have more high price. There are a lot of varies of fur coats. Its may have different fur, length, cut and other, other and other. And besides fur coats very difference on price. Some people prefer suiting coats because it more comfortable then fur coats and warmer then downs. Syiting coats may be different too. It can be very simple and have normal coast and can be chic and have very hight coast.

    One considers, that people of different ages prefer diverse clothes. There are o lot of types and styles of clothes, so everybody can have their own prefers and tastes. What clothes are worn in our Lyceum? There is not uniform but there are some limitations in clothing. It may be business style or free style. Things are not the same for girls and boys of course.
    Girls wear jeans or trousers with blouse, chemises, jersey or sweater. There are many varieties of trousers and jeans now. They have not only diversity in width but also in length. Girls also like to wear skirts and very seldom dresses. There are many varieties of skirts now: long, short or middle length, straight or with pleats. So choice is great because there are not only different models but there are varieties of fabrics. Girls also like diver's supplements for clothes and ornaments. Many wear ear-rings, somebody likes bracelets, chains and rings, and not many wear necklaces and brooches. Short and narrow scarf on the neck looks nice. There are belts and chains for jeans, trousers and skirts in fashion now.
    Boys wear jeans, trousers which differ from models and fabrics. They wear shirts (with ties sometimes), blouses, jumpers, jackets, t-shirts and waist coats. Business suits are worn by boys more often then by girls. But there are boys who like only sport style. Any clothes of sport style is prohibited in our lyceum.
    Pupils can express their mood, character or taste by colours of clothes. One fashionable colour appears sometimes. Business style is welcoming in Lyceum. It is criticized by grown-ups when pupils are eccentric in clothing

    John 11 Apr 2008, 09:26 - Report
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    some more that might be good for you

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