The Russian Housing Market


The housing market in Russia has experienced important changes since the early 1990s. A booming economy has contributed to an increase in prices. Over the past 4 years modern apartments in the city centres have become available.

Price of rentals is determined by location, condition of the flat and type of building. Today, an average apartment in the city centre will cost you €450 or more. Prices for Western-style apartments are around €1,000-1,600/month and €60-130/day for shorter leases.

In Moscow, average housing costs €500-800/month and €40-50/day for a brief stay. A large, modern apartment in the city centre can cost upwards of €4,000/month.

Generally, monthly rent rates in Russia range from €300-500 (basic studio in the outskirts) to €800-1,200 (good apartment in the city).

Types of Apartments

The following types of apartments are available for rent in Russia: luxury apartments, elite renovation (high standard), Western-style ("evroremont"), above-average ("cosmetic renovation") and standard apartments (average or poor quality).

The more exclusive housing, luxury and elite renovation, has been built with excellent materials and modern design.

Western-style apartments are suited to more practical and comfortable tastes.

Housing considered “cosmetic renovation” is typical of most Russian homes. Although its style dates back to the Soviet era, these flats are usually clean and simple.

If you’re heading to Russia for a shorter stay, a homestay accommodation will be a cheaper alternative to more permanent housing.

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