Language Certificates

Tests to prove your knowledge of Russian

Language Certificates

Most universities and private schools offer Russian language certificates at the end of the study programme. Before applying for a course, make sure that the school offers the certificate you want and has a licence to issue it.

Some universities have a state licence of Russian as a foreign language certification. It’s a matter of completing the course and passing a test. Tests include elementary or basic levels and 4 levels of the Russian as a Foreign Language (TRFL) exam.

Educational programmes at the Center for International Education in Moscow State University offer testing for these exams. It is possible for the students to apply for additional lessons to help them with exam preparation.

Types of Tests and Levels

  • Basic level test and certificate (TRFL-TBU): After completing the basic level course, a student may take a basic level test and receive an officially recognized TRFL-TBU certificate.
  • First Certification level and certificate (TRFL-TRKI 1): This entitles students to take the TRFL-TRKI 1 Test. If successful, the student will receive a certificate confirming an intermediate level of communicative skills on a variety of topics.
  • Second Certification level and certificate (TRFL-TRKI 2): A student should be able to communicate in all spheres of life and use Russian for professional purposes. He or she will have almost no problems communicating in everyday life.
  • Third Certification level and certificate (TRFL-TRKI 3): Successful completion signifies an advanced level of the Russian language with competence in all spheres of professional life, including literary and linguistic fields.
  • Fourth Certification level and certificate (TRFL-TRKI 4): This tests competence in the Russian language close to that of educated native speakers. This level is obligatory to receive a Masters degree in Russian language.

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