Investing your money

Where to buy property in Russia

Investing your money

Moscow and St. Petersburg are without a doubt the most renowned cities in Russia, where most expats live and invest in property.

Apart from the big cities in Russia, there are many more interesting and beautiful hidden places that might appeal to prospective investors. The award-winning vineyards on the coasts of the Black Sea, the “Russian San Francisco”, Vladivostok, with its beautiful sloping streets, busy piers and Asian restaurants and the hidden geysers of Kamchatka in the south are only few of the attractive investment destinations in Russia.

One of the major reasons that may attract investors and their money to Russia, is the great natural beauty the country has to offer. Not only is it the largest country in the world, but its vast landscape is home to the biggest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal. The longest river in Europe, the Volga, is also located in Russia as well as many enormous mountains and fascinating volcanoes.

Moreover, Russia’s thick forests, rivers and inland seas are full of wildlife: the Caucasian wolves in southeastern Russia; sturgeon, fishing for their beluga caviar in the three seas: the Caspian, Black and Adriatic. And of course, the symbol of the country, the great Russian brown bear. All of these factors make Russia an attractive destination for investments as it is full of natural resources and beautiful landscapes.

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