Landlines and phone calls in Russia


If your house already has a phone connection, getting phone and/or internet service at home is straightforward. If not, the process for installing a phone line is time-consuming and expensive. To make cheap long distance or international calls be sure to get a calling card.

Usually, all apartments in Russia have a phone line so you don’t have to worry about getting a new line installed. If you need to change the telephone contract from the previous tenant to your name, you can do so quite easily. All you need is a copy of the rental contract with your landlord.

If your new housing doesn’t come equipped with a phone line, prepare for a long and expensive process. Landlines are state-run. The whole process may take up to a month and can cost several hundred dollars.

Making phone calls in Russia

To dial another region of Russia, dial 8, followed by the rest of your number. For international calls, dial 8, then 10 followed by the country code and the rest of your number.

International calls from Russia

International calling cards are the easiest way of making international phone calls from Russia. Even from a landline at home, these cards will save you a lot of money on your calls abroad. You can find them with rates starting at around 5 cents a minute in newspaper kiosks or mobile phone shops. You can also buy calling cards online.

The cheapest rates are provided by IP telephone calling cards like ZebraTelecom, Contact, M-svyaz and others. They can be used from landlines, mobiles or the internet.

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