Entering Russia

Entry requirements and registration procedures

Entering Russia

Aside from the obligatory entry requirements, such as a visa, there are additional things to consider before going to Russia. Customs officials will check any valuable items. Registration and work permits should be taken care of upon your arrival.

When travelling with a pet, you should obtain an international health certificate from a certified veterinarian.

Digital cameras and laptop computers can be brought to Russia tax free, if these items are to be taken out of the country upon departure. These should be mentioned in your customs declaration. Prescription drugs for personal consumption can also be brought to Russia.

If you carry sport-guns or shotguns in your luggage you must receive special permits to take them in and out of the country.

Tobacco products and up to 2 litres of alcohol can be brought to Russia tax free.

The amount of foreign currency accepted in Russia is unlimited. Please mention it in your customs declaration and present it to a customs officer. Traveller’s cheques are usually accepted in banks where you can exchange them for cash.

Registration in Russia

Once you enter Russia you should register. Sometimes, the travel agencies or companies that issue your visa invitation can register your visa. If not, you can register at the hotel where you are staying, or, at a local registration office. There is no need to register your visa for stays in Russia less than 3 days.

Tourist visa registration takes about 3 working days. You must present your passport, visa and exact address in Russia.

Multiple-entry visa registration takes no less than 5 business days. Your passport and visa must be brought to your sponsor, along with a notarized letter from your landlord. If you change the place where you are staying in the Russian Federation, you must register at the new location within 3 working days of your arrival.

If you lose the documents with which you entered Russia, you cannot be registered. You must obtain a document certifying the documents are lost or stolen, and then exit the country within 10 days.

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